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Traditional paint doesn't even come close to looking like real stainless steel - that's why Walthers revised Superliners feature a real-metal plated finish.
We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Click the button below to add the Walthers 16181 HO Scale Amtrak Superliner Diner Phase II Metal Plated to your wish list.
You asked and WalthersProto delivers Amfleet I and Amfleet II Coaches and Food Service cars in HO Scale! To upgrade its elderly fleet of cars, some in service since the late 1940s, Amtrak took delivery of its first all-new Amfleet I cars in 1975 for inter-city service in the close clearances of the eastern US. PLEASE NOTE: As these cars are the correct prototype length and feature full underbody detail to match the prototypes, a minimum 24" radius is recommended for operation. Discussion related to everything about model railroading, from layout design and planning, to reviews of related model tools and equipment. Well we have certainly come a long way folks!I'm surprised that the additional phases will be released at the end of this month (end of February for the Cafe cars)I agree with Amtrak 207 in that sincere gratitude and a tip of the hat should go out to Walthers for delivering. I really think with the horizon cars they are going to need to dumb it down a bit if they want them to sell.
The ebay craziness i think is attributed to the fact that there are none around, and when they do come around people will fight tooth and nail for them and they dont care what they pay. Here's the way the new Walthers Superliner cars look with the metal plating that makes them look just like the real cars do.
This finish gives them the look of the prototype and won't show fingerprints with regular use.

Based on the Budd-built Metroliner, nearly 500 coach and food service cars were delivered by 1978. The only thing I am not crazy about, and the old ones and the bachmmans both have this problem, is they look like they sit way too high off the track. The basic non-lighted versions of the Phase II Amfleet I coach and the Phase III Amfleet II Coach are both showing up as "In stock" on the Walthers website, so it seems that many of these should be showing up soon! Thanks for sharing Timberly!I am biased to this one, as IVb is my favorite scheme:I am blown away by all of the details, Walthers missed nothing! Commuter trains are only going to sell well if priced right since they are a semi niche market.
Starting in 1981, new Amfleet II coaches and lounges were introduced especially for long-distance trains.
However, the delivery date on some of the cars is now shifted to April (for the ones that were previously expected late February). They even went to the level of recreating the smallest details such as the passenger car door indicator lights (seen of the car sides near the far doors). These cars were so horribly made and did not run well at all.The ALPs and AEM-7s in the paint schemes that people actually wanted could easily fetch near MSRP on ebay as of late. I may just have to get one now to go on my mail 13 train and replace the old american GK kit car I have on the end.I agree, I'm not sure if they use the best photo angles as well.
Walthers also knows that there is demand for a re-tooled Amfleet I and II model with an accurate body, interior, Phase IVb scheme, etc. I had zero issue selling my in great shape but well played with AEM-7 901 in box with no decoder at the springfield train show for $100, what i was asking for it, two years ago.

I understand that they are probably trying to let you see the largest amount of the car in a single photo. However, my focus is on the east end of VIA's Toronto-Montreal corridor, and Montreal does see daily Amtrak service in the form of the Adirondack. So when Walthers added the Phase IVb cars into the line-up and I saw the early shots of how good they looked, I figured I may as well order a few for a condensed Adirondack - 1 Amfleet I, 1 Amfleet I Cafe, and 1 Amfleet II.
I look forward to getting them, and also hearing from others on what they think of theirs once they arrive! This shouldn't be a problem though because I'm sure more photos will start to show up on other sites.I think that we can also put some faith in Walthers on this run. I took quite a few photos I can post tomorrow or sometime this week when I finally go thru my camera. Even the MARC units are a hard sell.The thing with amtrak is its very fluid across the country. Amfleet cars have been seen in every state that has rail service at some time in their career. In any event, in an effort to shore up their confidence in the Amfleet I's ability to sell, keep sending in your requests for a re-tooled Amfleet I. They dont carry many different phases or schemes they only carry the states logos they use for the services.

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