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Place a finger tip in the chamber to be certain, beyond any question, the chamber is empty (this is an NRA-certified method of clearing the pistol). The tip of the trigger-guard housing will butt into the slide, anchoring the slide to the frame. Tilt the rear of the slide up and over the front of the barrel, separating the slide from the barrel. The magazines are a good design that captures the loaded cartridges securely under the feed lips. While not the ideal defense caliber, modern JHP loads give the .380 ACP a measure of authority.
The Walther PPK as a handgun is popular, often based more on appearance, fit, finish and even mystique than performance. Although James Bond is well-known for carrying a Walther PPK, a real-life individual who saw real action was the late Skeeter Skelton. Bob Campbell is a former peace officer and published author with over 40 years combined shooting and police and security experience. The mission of Cheaper Than Dirt!'s blog, "The Shooter's Log," is to provide information-not opinions-to our customers and the shooting community. Your discussions, feedback and comments are welcome here as long as they are relevant and insightful.
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Yes with exception of the 2 pistol grips, the sights & the 3 plastic things on the side of it are made of somekind of plastic . The Walther P series was not the first double-action, first-shot pistol; the Little Tom predated the Walther, although the Walther PP was widely recognized as a high-quality, well-made and reliable handgun with good features.
Some years later, Walther began manufacturing the pistol in America, and the rest is history since import points are not applied to our own handguns. However, if you have fired the full-size, original PP pistol, you will realize that the PPK is a great shooter, easy to manage and accurate.
The hand fit is good, and while a large hand may be a little cramped, the pistol fits most of us well. The PPK is a blow-back action—the simplest of designs—with a recoil spring that wraps around the barrel.
Loading the magazines requires some effort. I broke out my personal example from the safe, lubricated it and made it ready for this test and review.

My 2006 PPK in 380 has over 1000 trouble free rounds through it and stainless is the only way to go in a steel gun.
Join more than 1.4 million shooters, hunters, archers, outdoorsmen, survivalists and preppers now! There are lots of discussions about airguns, airgun accessories, reviews, modification and repair information, airgun events, field target and free classifieds! It was a store demo, thats why I got it so cheap, but they checked over the gun to make sure it functioned properly before sending it off.I already have a scope rail for it, and Im going to be putting a Walther RD on it.
The double-action, first-shot pull is long and smooth and most useful at conversational range. I did own a well-worn police trade that occasionally dropped the magazine due to a worn magazine catch, but the pistols have been generally trustworthy.
I loaded the pistol with Fiocchi 95-grain FMJ for the range work, ammunition that is reliable, accurate and clean burning.
After about 5 yards, rather than attempting to stage the trigger and hope for a hit, you may as well cock the hammer for deliberate fire. I have proofed the PPK with a number of hollow-point loads and found them reliable and accurate enough for defense. Bob is the author of the books, The Handgun in Personal Defense, Holsters for Combat and Concealed Carry, The 1911 Automatic Pistol, The Gun Digest Book of Personal Protection and Home Defense, The Shooter’s Guide to the 1911, The Hunter and the Hunted, and The Complete Illustrated Manual of Handgun Skills.
Having the magazine release at the bottom of the handle makes it impossible (at least for me) to release the magazine with one hand, unlike the PPK and the Sig P22x series pistols. Out of thousands of S&W Walthers, several (single digits) had supposedly discharged while being de-cocked. We reserve the right to edit as appropriate, delete profane, harassing, abusive and spam comments or posts, and block repeat offenders.
By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload your own pictures, and access many other special features. There seems little point chasing a few extra fps with less reliable or less tested models.Everyone at my club favour the Smith revolver to be honest. The trigger action is double-action, first-shot, and the operating action is a simple blow-back without the complication of a locked breech.
The single-action press is smooth and crisp at just under 4 pounds, which makes the trigger action an aid to accurate fire.
I believe they need more frequent cleaning and lubrication than some types, although that is part and parcel of older designs. I fired 50 rounds of the Fiocchi cartridges in rapid-fire range drills and discovered the pistol is more accurate than you would think for the size.

In the single-action mode, the Walther is quite accurate, and it is not difficult to put a magazine into the X-ring at 10 yards in rapid fire.
Skelton’s talent was such that, occasionally, he passed the information and enlightenment stage to produce real literature.
The barrel is about 3.25 inches long, and it is heavier than the new breed of polymer-frame guns. The sights are a limiting factor; however, they are larger than those on many pocket pistols of the era. Fiocchi offers a number of good hollow-point loads, one of which is the Extreme Terminal Performance (XTP) bullet.
The PPK is an easy handgun to fire accurately at close range, at least in single-action fire, and it comes on target quickly in trained hands.
As a working cop on the Mexican border, Skelton was serious about finding a credible weapon for under-the-shirt carry that was not conspicuous.
Today, personal defense loads have greatly improved the .38 Special and give it a clear advantage.
He is also a regular contributor to Gun Tests, American Gunsmith, Small Arms Review, Gun Digest, Concealed Carry Magazine, Knife World, Women and Guns, Handloader and other publications.
So don’t let Manhurin keep you from buying a great gun or get too happy about having a post war German PPK or PP. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Pressing the decocker down safely lowers the cocked hammer and, if left down, the lever operates as a safety. This is a loading I trust to provide adequate penetration with expansion as well, which provides an accurate, reliable loading suitable for personal defense. That is important because the hand must be stable when firing the pistol and operating the double-action trigger. Unlike the safety lever of larger pistols such as the Beretta 92, this slide-mounted lever is easily reached due to the small dimensions of the PPK. The balance of penetration and expansion is too short on the side of expansion with most JHP loads in this caliber, limiting the effect of the cartridge. It has a lighter trigger pull, a few ounces less in weight ,not as many sharp edges and definitely needs to be mentioned when comparing.

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