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General Remark: In the process of solving the below tasks, you may have to do some modifications on both, the object model and the use case model. There are a lot of transformations that you can apply to a use case model without altering its semantics. Ignore the use cases related to the maintainance of the CoffeeMaker (but not the "out of supplies" use case). Next, we want you to map the functional behaviour defined by the use case model onto our analysis object model.
In this task, you will use the analysis model completed in Task 10 and take it as a starting point for the model of the solution.
Because they're pretty bomb-proof as a rule, and seeing that ol' three-pointed star on the end of the bonnet makes the driver feel good. Chris40 do you agree that a lot of Indian families in Britain, especially in ethnic parts of cities rather than suburbs, like to drive Mercs (often older models)?
I've always thought Mercs were more majestic than BMWs (especially with older models), that's why I'd love to have a proper Merc one day.

I remember Goodness Gracious Me mentioned owning 2nd hand Mercedes a couple of time, & featured a late 1980s Nissan Sunny as a typical British Asian car.
Other favourites include larger Japanese cars, not just Lexus but the ones mainly made for the American "2nd car" market (ie Toyota Camry), & never that popular in the UK. At one time I drove along Rusholme's "Curry Mile" & the surrounding area a lot, & this is mainly based on obervations from these journeys. Richard Davies wrote I remember Goodness Gracious Me mentioned owning 2nd hand Mercedes a couple of time, & featured a late 1980s Nissan Sunny as a typical British Asian car. Two use case models are semantically equivalent if they represent the same set of scenarios. In the application domain (Task 10 and 11) they represented the world as customer perceives it. Here you have more freedom, but you should always try to stay as close as possible to the customers point of view.
Please create a complete analysis model (aka robustness diagram) showing the entity, boundary and control objects of the application domain.

In other words, we want you to express the use cases as interaction between objects of the analysis model. Usually one starts with deviding the system into small concise units which can then be refined (moreless) independently.
These kind of changes are always acceptable and are often necessary to maintain overall consistency in your model.
It is natural to add operations and attributes to classes, sometimes it makes sense to transform classes to attributes or vice versa. Always try to think of your solution model as a refinement of the application the customer described. Please pick one of the concrete process Order use cases and draw a sequence diagram that reflects the interaction described by the use case.

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