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This train set offering had many extras and was one of the most well-appointed in the line. Mehano run them again as they are also found in IHC boxes after TYCO departs the train market after 1993. Chief:Hmmm, I have kind of a special about the 2nd edition since I got it as a child and read the cover off it.

Poles; and 26-sections of track to build a figure-8 40" x 87" layout were all also in The USA Express set.
Like I said, back then I think knuckle couplers were sort of a premium for model railroaders, but now they are mostly the norm.It also has "Do's" and "Don'ts" for model railroading, which are new to the 1992 edition.
It does mention some old TYCO stuff, along with them no longer producing trains, and mentioning IHC's newer equivalents of the time.

Plenty of new content is added, showcasing the newest techniques, and plenty of mentions of roadbed track (nickel-silver Bachmann E-Z Track is prominently featured.) The old Burlington Northern layout is still shown, along with a brand new layout, the Burlington Route, built with a foam base, grass made of felt, nickel-silver E-Z Track, DCC and more.

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