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QUOTE: Originally posted by dingoix No it's not all bad, the C430 shell I have has decent detail. QUOTE: Originally posted by TomDiehl Something I'm not clear on from the initial review regarding the handrails, the Tyco's always came with the handrails in a package with the loco, I don't recall them ever being installed from the factory. If you have any question about this Buy THIS Now Classified Ad Item, please contact the member.
If you are the winner you will be entered into a legal & binding contract with the SELLER to purchase this item. To make certain that you are completely satisfied with the products purchased, it is strongly encouraged that you review the associated photos and descriptions before purchasing to ensure satisfaction upon receipt. Caboose are both examples of cars added to the Mantua line from the former Lindbergh offerings. The crossing gate has been removed from the original factory bag does not appear to has ever been used.

The castings are smooth and when you take a close look, the detail is as good as or better than the Athearn diesels from the same time.
They did mold the lift bar in a way that makes the middle stick out like it should, but it's done poorly and isn't recognizable unless you look closely. The older models (like the one reviewed) come with metal railings installed all the way around.
The paint is better quality than what you'll find on old Life-Like or 1980's Bachmann diesels. Mine came decorated in the Santa Fe Warbonnet, and they were also sold in Delaware and Hudson, Chessie, Illinois Central Gulf and a couple others.
For some reason, Norfolk and Western was the only railroad that owned any high nosed C-630s and Tyco decided not to decorate them in N&W![%-)] The trucks are undersized and obviously have completely made up sideframes. The 630 test ran a little wobbly, but it ran pretty well overall.
It runs best when it's warmed up a little, and it can be warmed up quickly by running it at 12 volts for about 30 seconds.

After it's warm, I was able to keep it running at a minimum of 3 volts, and it's speed was from around 6 scale MPH to 10 SMPH. The older drive system is higher quality than the newer one, because it has more durable black plastic gears while the newer one has it's larger gear made out of nylon. It runs surprisingly quiet for such a cheap engine going forward, but it's noisier in reverse. It's drawbar pull is strong enough to pull around 50 cars because of it's 3 traction tires.

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