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Includes CNC laser cut steel plate 'Shelby Drop' lowering template (#STUCALDJ6566 or #STUCALDJ6770 depending on year arms purchased).
Track is available in up to 8′ continuous lengths—extension available through a concealed connector. The Oden is a pure and refined sliding door hardware system that makes a bold statement in any application. Oden is made from high quality stainless steel and is manufactured using precision casting. I had a peculiar car because I needed more negative camber after my shock towers had been welded.

The stainless steel tubular track design makes it very easy to install, and allows door panels weighing up to 300 lbs to be used. Everything went in well besides some grinding needed on the spring perches (rollers from opentracker) and they look great. Even though it’s dark ebony in color, the texture of the stainless steel is still beautifully evident.
Our tubular track sliding door hardware is a sleek and stealth statement capturing timeless precision and purity. Yesterday I took the car to willow springs, more specifically the streets of willow, for a track day event.

The car was linear, easy to control in a slide and a downright pleasure to drive on the track!

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