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Early in 1953 Toronto Transit Commission purchased forty-eight PCC cars from Birmingham, Alabama. Our models represent these fine cars at various stages throughout their long life on the TTC.
St Petersburg Tram Collection has announced a series of Air-Electric (1942 St Louis series) PCC cars for release in 2005 through 2007. QUOTE(BC Transit @ Aug 27 2005, 12:21 AM)Are you talking about paper models or metal ones?
QUOTE(BC Transit @ Aug 27 2005, 01:21 AM)Are you talking about paper models or metal ones? QUOTE(felixpoon @ Aug 28 2005, 08:23 PM)Where can I order Bryan Cooper custom made buses?
QUOTE(felixpoon @ Aug 28 2005, 04:23 PM)Where can I order Bryan Cooper custom made buses?
Transit companies in Ontario started examining articulated buses seriously in the early-to-mid 1980s. The manufacturing of these buses was a joint venture between Orion and Ikarus Body and Coach Building Works of Budapest, Hungary. The Orion Ikarus articulateds were put on the fast track for retirement by the TTC when structural corrosion problems appeared.
Photographer Patrick Semple caught the TTC's Ikarus articulated bus #6362 at the garage, bearing a 95 YORK MILLS express branch rollsign exposure. TTC Orion III Ikarus articulated bus #6362 poses at Malvern garage with a 95 YORK MILLS exposure in this September 1985 shot by Patrick Semple.

TTC Orion III Ikarus articulated bus #6363 pulls out of Kennedy station and prepares to turn east onto Eglinton, with the SCARBOROUGH RT operating behind it. TTC Orion III Ikarus articulated bus #6375 pulls around the west end of the bus terminal at the Scarborough Town Centre on August 23, 1988, in service on the 603 SRT SHUTTLE. TTC Orion III Ikarus articulated bus #6392 heads north on Islington from Islington station, in service on 37 ISLINGTON. TTC Orion III Ikarus articulated bus #6393 heads north on Islington station towards the newly opened Woodbine Centre in this August 1988 shot. All words and images featured in this domain are either copyrighted to the people maintaining this domain or are copyright to other copyright holders who have given permission for their material to be used on the Transit Toronto web site only. The front doors on cars remained unchanged, but center exit door was replaced by standard TTC design.
The A-13 class was assigned to Roncesvalles carhouse until the last car was removed from service in 1981.
He only does custom corgi fishbowl work as far as I know, but he did do a custom WMATA Orion V bus bank model once. Models by such makers as Van Hool and General Motors were tested, but the TTC decided to settle on a model offered by Ontario Bus Industries (later called Orion Bus Industries).
Body shells (without doors, windows, seats, engine) were manufactured by Ikarus Bus in Hungary and delivered by ship to Montreal. It was also to Ottawa that the TTC sold a number of these vehicles when deficiencies in the design became apparent. The vehicle is operating on the 603 SRT SHUTTLE, but probably on its last days, if the ICTS cars are out being tested.

This bus route operated in place of the SCARBOROUGH RT while the line was being renovated to correct a number of design defects that affected the early part of its operation. This section of the web site features articles relating to the Toronto Transit Commission's bus operations.
Are those the ones you ordered?Well he charged US$80 per Fishbowl, seems like the quality is pretty high. In 1995, the TTC ordered 135 Orion V lifts numbered 7000-7134 to replace 90 articulated buses.
With ridership overwhelming the 40-foot buses, the TTC decided to rebuild nineteen of the Ikaruses at Hillcrest Shops (Numbers 6377,85,88,89,99, 6403,05,09,11,13,14,19, 6531,37,40,43,47,53.) and return them to service. Ottawa refurbished these vehicles and returned them to service for a short while before finally retiring them in January 2003. Buses operated more frequently the closer to the opening of the subway and, back in the early 1990s, articulated buses were used.
You may link to any page on this website, and you may quote text from this web site (citing sources), but before using any material found on this site beyond fair use, you must first obtain permission from the copyright holder. The 12 GM buses that were picked up as part of the articulated bus demonstration program were sold to Mississauga Transit in that year.

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