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This meter was originally developed by Home Diagnostics, and since sold to Nipro Diagnostics.
Curiously, some users complain of poor accuracy, while others rave about how great the accuracy is.
We would note that Nipro Diagnostics lists multiple studies on their website that demonstrate the accuracy of the meter compared with laboratory results. Very few meter companies list these types of supporting studies on their website, so we applaud Nipro Diagnostics for the information.
I would note that the software currently offered through Nipro is a significant improvement over the software offred by the predecessor company, Home Diagnostics. If the cluches in the clutch type LSD are not slipping 50% of available torque is being delivered to each wheel.

IIRC if you have 1 wheel off the ground, the LSD will still provide power to BOTH tires, the Truetrac will deliver torque to the wheel in the air only. So there's the True-Track which is a TorSen (torque sensing) differential, which is strong, effective, and silky-smooth. The T-2R is a higher bias T-2 torque sensing parallel axis differential designed for the more performance minded driver. The company also has a study showing that 70% of first time users found the TRUEtrack easier to use than their current meter.
Until you apply some e-brake to provide some drag to allow the Truetrac mechanism to bias torque to both the free aired wheel and the wheel on the ground.
The TRUEtrack is widely offered under different brand names, so chances are you may have seen this same meter with a different name on it, most likely at various major drug store chain.

This program is adequate, but a little less comprehensive than programs other brands offer.
Applying the brakes, say with 1000 ft-lb on each wheel, results in a simulated torque of 2000 ft-lb on the slip wheel, and (2.5x2000) 5000 ft-lb on the grip wheel, ie 7000 ft-lb total, minus the 2x1000 ft-lb of the brakes is 5000 ft-lb .

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