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This meter was originally developed by Home Diagnostics, and since sold to Nipro Diagnostics.
Curiously, some users complain of poor accuracy, while others rave about how great the accuracy is. We would note that Nipro Diagnostics lists multiple studies on their website that demonstrate the accuracy of the meter compared with laboratory results. Very few meter companies list these types of supporting studies on their website, so we applaud Nipro Diagnostics for the information.
I would note that the software currently offered through Nipro is a significant improvement over the software offred by the predecessor company, Home Diagnostics.
Click the button below to add the Truetrack Blood Glucose Monitoring System - 1 EA to your wish list. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Dyna Glide Models Super Glide, Super Glide Sport, Super Glide Custom, FXR Super Glide, Dyna Glide Convertible, Super Glide T-Sport, Dyna Glide Police, Dyna Switchback, Low Rider, Street Bob, Fat Bob and Wide Glide. Hey Donny, away from my bike right now but I will look at mine tomorrow if nobody else posts up about how theirs look compared to yours. CNC-machined Ballistic Billet True-Track stabilizer system: the answer to your touring’s instability. Before installing the True-Track pan cradle, we inserted the stabilizer’s mounting plugs into the frame cross-member, making sure to align notches accordingly.
While the aluminum “cage” securely encapsulates the rear of the tranny pan, the anodized billet dog-bone stabilizer does just that: stabilizes the rear third of the drivetrain and suspension, eliminating the wobbles characteristic with rubber-mounted (vibration-isolated) bikes.

The supplied Allens were treated with threadlocker before the cage bracket was installed onto the oil pan (starting with the center-rear bolt) but left hand tight until the stabilizer was attached.
While the stabilizer link itself is not to be removed, you might need to adjust the positioning of the dog bone in order to align the holes with the mounting plugs. With the most basic of hand tools (a lift is not required, nor is elevating the bike itself), the True-Track mounts to the rearmost portion of the transmission pan; the dog-bone stabilizer locates off the stamped-steel frame cross-member. I removed this from a 2008 Street Glide and I believe that there are several other year models it will also fit. The company also has a study showing that 70% of first time users found the TRUEtrack easier to use than their current meter.
Please contact Manufacturer and Maker of Brand and product for complete detail about this individual product. It is not meant to substitute the advice provided by one's physician or any other medical professional.
Just looked at their instructions on their website, and it looks the same in their pictures.
Just as the forward factory links do for the front two-thirds of the drivetrain in regard to lateral stabilization, the third link completes the process, providing the same stability for the rear. The TRUEtrack is widely offered under different brand names, so chances are you may have seen this same meter with a different name on it, most likely at various major drug store chain. This program is adequate, but a little less comprehensive than programs other brands offer. Picture and Graphic images of at this and any other product page are only for demonstration of look of the item.

You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem.
However, for the little effort it took, the results far outweigh even the cost of the kit to begin with.
Ultimately, the instability inherent with the rubber-mounted chassis is drastically reduced. Item may differ in its look and may have Extra Writing like Mail order, DME or Not for retail use. Please Contact your Local Consultant or Specialist for Detail information about product (S) While we work extremely hard to ensure that all product information is correct, manufacturers sometimes change their logos, packaging and products.
I installed them along with new motor mounts, and did the complete alignment procedure, before adding the True Track. While the True-Track tucks snug up into the chassis, offering no road clearance issues whatsoever, there might be possible interference with certain aftermarket “cross-under” dual exhaust systems. You should use our site as a reference, carefully read all product packaging, and contact the manufacturer with any questions before using a product. All Diabetes And Glucose Splies sold by medical supply corner are mail order, DME , Medicare packs.

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