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Video game information, credits, reviews, box covers, screenshots and more for 168 video game platforms from 1971 to date! Description: ekankals modified version of thalliums reskin with more weathering done by ekankal.
Description: ekankals version of the ALP46 without the euro buffers US couplers and a bit weathered. Description:This is a SW1500 repainted into a New York Susquehanna and Western(NYSW) locomotive. Description:The Transrapid 08 is a series of magnetic levitation trains designed by the joint venture of the German conglomerates Siemens and ThyssenKrupp.
Description:In 1971 when Amtrak was formed, it inherited a mess of different locomotives from different railroads to run its passenger trains.
Description:Reskins of Jointed Rail's F7's into a ATSF Bluebonnet scheme, Includes working class lights, three clean F7A units. Description:Reskins of Jointed Rail's F7's into a ATSF Yellowbonnet scheme, Includes working class lights, two clean F7A units. Description:Reskins of Jointed Rail's F7's into a New York Central scheme, Includes working class lights, 4 clean F7A units and 2 clean B units. Description:Reskins of Jointed Rail's F7's into a Seaboard System scheme, Includes working class lights and 2 clean F7A units. Description:In 1956 EMD Built the first FL9 intended for use by the New Haven Railroad, 54 years later one of these mighty units runs on what is known as the New England Railroad Museum. Description:Reskins of Jointed Rail's F7's into a Rock Island scheme, Includes working Auto Running Numbers (ARN), And working class lights.

Description:4 F7A's and an FP7 in AMT Montreal livery, credit for model and reskin kit goes to NS37.
Description:4 reskins of JR's F7A into Amtrak Phase 1 livery, two are weathered and two are clean. Description:This version uses the default Auran bogies instead of USLW's replacement bogies due to some issues with them. Description:A reskin of an RS3 into what I think NJT would have painted an RS3 to look like if they had owned one. Its suppose to be Penn Central Black, I tried to get it as close as possible, but its still flawed.
Over the course of the summer, I will gather more information and try to find an exact paint code for The Erie Lackawanna B unit and Penn Central Colors. That yellowbonnet looks good, they also did a few of the old passenger F's into what were called blue bonnets. Jadebullet, are you still working on getting your locos hosted somewhere or do we need to PM you if we would like a copy? Working marker lights and now has strobes (activated by the number 1 on the number pad) Orig texture by Joram24 used with permission. Besides assets found on the Download Station, you will need the Wabco E2 Horn Sound found in the miscellaneous download section here on TCR. This model is based on the formerly proposed maglev system running from Munich HBF to Munich International Airport(die Flughafen) in Bavaria. The M8 is a railcar to be manufactured by Kawasaki for use on the New Haven Line of the Metro-North Railroad.

This is a photo skin,it still has the european buffers,but it gets the job done,none the less. You will need to download the undercoated reskin kit from Bdaneal's website in order for these to work. The CTDOT has ordered 342 cars out of the total 380 cars, the rest of which are still on option. This version was created in TS2010, but is verified to work in TRS2006, and is assumed they work in all versions 06+. They came equipped with Steam Generators to heat the old outdated passenger cars found on the longer routes. There will be coaches to match it and even a route of the Musuem itself, but it will take some time. However a series of derailments led to the demise of the SDP40F's, replacing them with the workhorse F40's we know and love. 644 (BNSF 6966) was painted in a special Maersk paint to celebrate the opening of peir 400. Full production of the M8's is to begin in early 2010 and the cars are to be delivered at a rate of 10 cars per month. After several special occasions, the unit was brought to the Portland and Western Railroad, where it IS in service and operational, although there is some debate on who actually owns the locomotive, but the simple fact is, despite horrific odds, 1 out of 150 of these locomotives has survived.

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