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January 18, 2014 By Admin Leave a Comment A set of seating, dining and bedroom cabin furniture for trains and cabins.
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The OCD Systems SimRailRoad Town is a Fun object in The Sims that can only be used by adults. Containing all the accoutrements missing from other so-called "complete" model train sets, the Round and Round provides hours of enjoyment. In addition to being a fun object, the Round and Round Model Train Set also builds enthusiasm for the Tinkering hobby.
When used on a residential lot, there is a 2% chance that it will catch fire each time it is operated. Any side of the train set can be placed against a wall, but Sims will not be able to operate the train if either the side with the control lever, or the shorter side near the control lever, is placed against a wall.
You won't believe the attention to detail put into the latest and greatest locomotive microcosm from Very Small Trains.
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A separate set of seating, cabin beds and dining furniture for trains is also available (see recommended items). Two files have been included that were released previously in the Viaduct Construction set.
The wallpaper I used for the first screenshot can be found under "Panelling" and is titled: "Mission-style wall with Dado, Chair Rail, Frieze with Vertical Panel and Baseboard Moulding" (usually towards the bottom of the "Panelling" section.
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Mod The Sims - Recolored train set not working properly; hot tub texture won't fully show up.

One: I recolored the train set from Free Time, including all the houses and water tower, so I was pretty excited about it.
Two: I grunged up the hot tub as well, except one section of it retains the original Maxis texture.
Imagine a miniature world of houses, neighborhoods and people that submit to your every whim in HO scale! It is larger and more detailed than the Urchineer Train Set, and is on an elevated table so adults don't need to get on the floor to play with it.
Experience the sublime feeling of watching a small train go in loops or the fulfillment of creating a small mountain town. Unlike the model train sets in The Sims, players can not only have Sims play with the train, but can have them add landscaping to the train table. Modeled after the beautiful Sunset Valley, each set comes pre-assembled so you are ready for hours of fun out of the box.
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The OCD System allows for TOTAL control by allowing multiple trains to run at the same time with up to 42 individual, yet monitored, subsystems. However, they cannot choose where landscaping items will go, and the town, trees, and signs are not added all at once, but in stages. If two Sims are adding or removing landscaping features, the second Sim may walk to the shorter side opposite the control lever, so placing that side against a wall may interfere with the "Help Add" and "Help Remove" interaction. If you tried to operate a real train, people would probably get hurt, so why not buy a Very Small Train?

You can always change your cookie settings at any time, read more about this in our privacy policy. In your screenshots the train wheels don't intersect with the carriage and the wagon is neatly placed above the wheels giving the natural look. If you have forgotten your password, click here, or if you have forgotten your username, click here instead. You ever hate it when you work on something, put it in game, and go to get some screenshots, only to have it not work properly? And the hot tub's still baffling me too -- I tried viewing it from all different angles and lighting, and it's definitely not the light direction.
The option to add signs is really an option to add scaled-down versions of neighborhood decorations, only the first stage actually adds signs.
Placing the long side opposite the control lever against a wall will not affect Sims' ability to use the train set.
Fairies have an additional option when using the train set; they can ride the train by shrinking down and hopping aboard. Painstaking realism has been achieved through obsessive attention to detail and masterful hand painting of scenery. The second stage adds wind turbines, which turn when the train is operated, while the third adds a water tower. Mesmerizing figure eight track and Perpetu-LIF battery keep the little ones infinitely entertained!

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