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Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! If you want to travel solely by public transportation in the Cleveland area, you definitely have to choose an area where you can do that. You can do pretty good without a car and rely mostly on public transporation in these places: Cleveland, East Cleveland, Lakewood, Shaker Heights, Euclid, Elyria, Lorain, Akron, and Canton. RTA has always given me the impression that it's designed more for people who need it instead of wanting it. I've lived on the East Side and the West Side and the only time it was ever really useful(by that I mean getting me to where I need to go cheaper and at least close to as fast as driving) was if I was going somewhere directly off the line. I think one can go car free without terrible hassle in Cleveland, but you do have to pick your areas either in the City or close-in to middle ring suburbs. As Cleveland discovers more TOD (transit oriented development which is high density residential, retail and commercial complexes near rail stations), there will be more of a diversity of places to go that are accessible to rail. I'm not sure how anything I said could have inferred that I "don't like transit"? My problem with RTA is that there has been very little adjustment and modification to the RAPID system as the populations have shifted to different parts of the city. My point being is that if you want to use public transportation regularly, you are quite limited to where you need to live. I have many friends that are car-less in Lakewood and most of them manage OK as far as getting around Lakewood.
The great thing about Cleveland, is that much of the infrastructure for improving PT is already there(like you mentioned, wide streets).
I guess I just kind of feel that Clevelanders (not you) have traditionally found reasons to not use transit.

No, RTA isn't perfect, and I get frustrated -- certainly with the current RTA admin under Joe Calabrese -- with their seemingly anti rail extension mentality. Again, these areas are ripe for commuter rail over existing freight train tracks not (cost-prohibitive) rapid extensions. That's what they are doing here in Austin(first major line is 32 miles, opening later this year). To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. National Express, which has a significant Spanish business, is also pushing further into Europe after winning two 15-year contracts to run commuter rail services to Cologne and Bonn.
Continental Europe's €145bn (A?122bn) transport market is expected to provide a rich source of income for UK rail and bus operators over the next five years, as other European countries turn to privatisation.
Modal shift from road freight to other modes - primarily rail, but also waterborne transport - is generally viewed as being beneficial to the environment and society, particularly since on average road freight emits greater carbon emissions per tonne kilometre than do rail and waterborne freight. Much of the publicly available quantified information relating to mode is at a very broad level or is inconsistent over time, so as a result does not readily lend itself to time series analysis or the detailed investigation of specific trends.
To identify how these barriers can be overcome through a range of fiscal, regulatory and organisational changes.
WM7 Deliverables, Publications , Presentations and Main data sources for Green Logistics research were added in 2008 and 2009.
In fact, the 1st Red Line stop at Ohio City, is in one of Cleveland's hottest RE and entertainment districts.
Use of non-road modes may also have other benefits, such as contributing to a reduction in road congestion, and in some cases rail and water can be more efficient and reliable than road. This is a particular issue for rail freight since rail privatisation, where commercial considerations result in difficulties in obtaining detailed statistics about rail operations.

As such, UK and EU policies favour such modal shift and there is an expectation that rail in particular will play a greater role in the future. The work module therefore complements the work on econometric modelling of mode choice being undertaken in Work Module 4, and a close working relationship between the two work modules is being developed. It is not always evident how individual elements of the transport strategy should be pursued for maximum effect, not least for freight, given the complex issues related to mode choice decision making and, in the context of rail, the many different variables that influence its cost and performance.
The research in this module will be in-depth and at a disaggregated level in order to address behavioural issues, gain a better understanding of the decision-making processes affecting mode choice within supply chains, and identify means by which rail's performance can be enhanced. The environment within which mode choice decisions for freight transport are being taken is therefore changing. It will build upon previous mode choice research that focused on the potential for growth in rail freight volumes. Circle, Ohio City and others were -- the Rapid suffers, but when the turn around, so too does the Rapid. The challenges of integrating non-road modes in to domestic and international supply chains that have evolved around the ubiquity of road haulage are significant. This identified the importance of supply chain structure on mode choice and demonstrated the importance of behavioural issues affecting mode choice within supply chains.
All of that marketplace will come to competitive tender at some stage over the coming years," Mr Martin said in a rare interview.

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