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A southbound train seen passing the very isolated signalbox at Blea Moor later on the same day.
We take you to one of the most famous and scenic British main lines at the time of the transition from steam to diesel power. Sessions featuring Anglo-Scottish expresses, local stopping trains, fast freights, heavy mineral, slow pick-up, goods or trip workings provide a rich variety of services. The 87-mile route from Skipton to Carlisle over the Pennine moors will test your driving skills and ability to keep to schedule. NOTE: This is an English version and will convert foreign langauge Trainz Simulator 2009 versions to English.
AWS (Automatic Warning System) is fitted to some diesel locomotives to give advance indication of the signalling, providing extra security for the safe running of your consist.
For this steeply graded route large locomotives have been provided, including the powerful Britannia and A3 Pacifics, the LMS 8F 2-8-0 and the BR 9F 2-10-0.

For rolling stock there is a new range of Mk.1 coaches and an impressive array of new goods vehicles. The route, rolling stock and scenic items have been updated or expanded since TC3 to take advantage of the performance enhancements now available on the TS2009 platform and provide a greater range of assets.
NOTE: Users wishing to install this product into Trainz Simulator 2009 will need to first install the Trainz Simulator 2009 Service Pack (41Mb), which can be downloaded from our Support section here.
This 87-mile route expansion can be used as a stand-alone sim or as an add-on for Trainz Simulator 2009. Features include semaphore signalling, water troughs to replenish the tenders, and an Automatic Warning System fitted to some of the diesel locomotives. With 10 different types of locomotives and dozens of rolling stock items at your disposal, you decide what train to drive. Prototypical topography, track plans, gradients, stations, signal boxes and signal placement, viaducts and tunnels complete the experience.

The route comes with ten locomotives, all with a choice of running numbers and adjustable headlamp codes, and dozens of rolling stock items. All these locomotives have a multiple choice of running numbers and adjustable headlamp codes. Other goods vehicles include a variety of vans, open wagons and flat tops to represent the typical goods traffic of the time.

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