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Now a new transportation mode has occurred that can clearly compete with planes in both speed and safety. The principle of magnetic levitation is that a vehicle can be suspended and propelled on a guidance track made with magnets. As the frictional parts are minimum in this type of technology, the MAGLEV trains are known to have more speed, smoothness and less sound. Thus the power needed for the whole process is less when compared to a conventional electric train. The main difference between both the trains is that conventional trains need steel wheels and a steel track for their movement and MAGLEV does not need wheels. The current that is given to the electric coils of the guide way will be alternating in nature. The first known commercial use of MAGLEV train was in the year 1984 in Birmingham, England, and the train was named MAGLEV itself. Since these trains move on a cushion of air, there is no friction at all [except air friction].
In Japan, MAGLEV trains use a technology called electro-dynamic suspension (EDS) system, which causes the trains to move due to the repelling force of magnets. Another advantage is that the guide way can be made a lot thicker in uphill places, after stations and so on. MAGLEV trains are more environmentally friendly than other types of trains.  In terms of energy consumption maglev trains are slightly better off than conventional trains. This website is very helpful, however you are not explaining how the train works (in depth).
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Probably no man in railway service comes in contact with more people or travels any farther in the course of a year than the conductor of a passenger train. He is responsible for carrying out all orders pertaining to the operation of his train, for the conduct of his crew, for the comfort and safety of passengers and for the collection of tickets and fares. After the train is on its way, the conductor collects tickets and fares from passengers taking short trips. The conductor must see that the train leaves each station at the exact time specified in his schedule.
Before a man can qualify for the position of conductor, he must serve for years as a brakeman. His first years as a conductor are usually in freight yard switching service, later he is advanced to regular freight train service and still later to a passenger run.

The star on the conductor's sleeve in the picture indicates the number of years he has been a railroad employee. Conductors and other members of the train crew must have good health and excellent eyesight in order to qualify for their positions. As it travels thousands of miles in an hour we do not mind the flight delays and also the risk in flying. The vehicle on top of the track may be propelled with the help of a linear induction motor. Both the guide way as well as the train’s undercarriage also have magnets which repel each other.
Although the basic concepts used for the construction are the same, the prototypes used are different.
The main difference with EMS is that, the electromagnets used will be super cooled and superconducting. There is no contact between the guide way and the train which lessens the number of moving parts. As there is no wheel friction with the ground, the resistive force gradually increases in the air friction.
I am very much facinated by this wondering technology and oneday I want to travel in my future. Power Trains are motorized, highly detailed, and authentic looking trains that feature battery operated engines with 2 speeds, working headlight, and work both on and off track. He sees that his train displays the proper flags or lights and that each member of the train crew performs his duties according to well-established rules. He reports for work sufficiently in advance of the scheduled time of departure to see that his train is properly made up and inspected. He punches the tickets of passengers who may be stopping off along the way, or going to another part of the railroad, or traveling over other railroads. The Pullman conductor, Pullman porters and dining car crew are also under the general supervision of the conductor. If the train should be delayed en route, it must proceed to its destination in accordance with definite instructions from the train dispatcher's office.
Train orders are addressed jointly to the conductor and engineer, but the engineer is governed by the directions of the conductor so far as train movements are concerned. Physical examinations, eye tests and hearing tests are made at intervals to make certain that the men are fully qualified to perform their duties. There is no other alternative to planes that can travel such a great distance in minimum amount of time.

Although the vehicle does not use steel wheels on a steel rail they are still referred to as trains as by definition they are a long chain of vehicles which travel in the same direction. The engine used for conventional trains provide power to pull a chain of compartments along steel tracks. Thus the change causes a pull force for the train in the front and to add to this force, the magnetic field behind the train adds more forward thrust. German trains use electromagnetic suspension (EMS) system so as the bottom of the train is wrapped to a steel guide way. Since the EDS system produces superconducting magnetic field, people having pacemakers will have to be guarded from magnetic fields. Thus the energy efficiency difference between a MAGLEV train and a conventional train is of very small margin. Australia is far behind in introducing new technologies and contraint by highcost, I dont expect to have a chance here.
At the end of his run, the conductor makes a detailed report of his ticket and cash receipts. Buses, cars, boats and even conventional trains seem to be too slow in comparison to planes. In MAGLEV trains, the power to propel the train is provided by the magnetic fields created by the electric coils kept in the guidance tracks which are added together to provide huge power. After the levitation is complete, enough power has to be produced so as to move the train through the guide way.
Thus levitation occurs between the electromagnets that are attached underneath the train and the guide way to about 1 centimetre.
Definitly I need to travel China (one thing is safety) or better to Germany or Japan where technologies are very advance. The conductor inspects his train to see that the cars are clean, there is fresh water in the coolers and the temperature in the cars is properly regulated. This power is given to the coils within the guide way, which in turn produces magnetic fields, which pulls and pushes the train through the guide way. As soon as the train starts to move, the magnetic field changes sections by switching method and thus the train is again pulled forward.

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