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I was sitting at a Mariner’s baseball game one day several years ago and one of their noisy trains came by. As the whistle blew, I felt a warm, fuzzy nostalgia come over me and I had to think really hard why that was. So many things seem foreign to them on a daily basis so they are able to relax in their surroundings more if those surroundings are familiar. When I was a child, my father was in the military, so when we came back to Ohio to visit grandparents, we would end up staying at their house.

Music is a mood changer for most of us but it can be especially soothing when the songs are helping you relate to an earlier pleasant time in your life. My father’s mom and dad lived about 75 yards from a railroad and I would fall asleep listening to the train whistle into town and then the rocking of the tracks as the long trains would roll by, putting me to sleep!
So the place to begin is to talk to that senior in your life about the things they like or don’t like, discover a few of their favorite things. It was such a powerful memory that when I was looking for my next house, I told the realtor that I wanted to have train tracks close to my house (not something they often hear).

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