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Arborsculpture is the use of living trees to create a desired shape or structure, something like bonsai on a grand scale.
Outside the town of Derby, in Western Australia, is another tree that has been put to use by mankind. The Socotra Archipelago in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Somalia, is home to the Dragon Blood tree. Everyone knows about the giant redwoods, famous for their size, but the kauri tree of northern New Zealand is one of the largest trees, by volume of wood, in the world. The Rainbow Eucalyptus is a tree with bark so brightly colored that it is almost hard to believe that it is not an elaborate practical joke.
Root bridges are a specialized form of arboriculture practiced in the forests of northern India.
Le Chêne Chapelle (The Oak Chapel) in Allouville-Bellefosse is an oak which has been carved out to house two chapels within its enormous trunk. There is nothing more beautiful than a flowering shrub in full bloom, except maybe a flowering shrub in full bloom that has been trained to grow as a single stem tree.
As it begins to grow, any buds that appear below that top group of buds are picked off to keep the single stem tree form.
You can do the same thing with an older established shrub if you can find one branch that can be tied to a vertical stake. Call your local garden stores and ask them if they have a Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick plant.
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The thin trunks of the tree can grow in sinuous shapes because the inner wood is remarkably soft and they grow up to 20m high. This tree, native to the Philippines, sheds the outer layer of its bark often to expose new, green bark underneath. The rubber trees of the Cherrapunji have been exploited for centuries by the Khasis people to grow their own bridges over streams and rivers. Imagine having a fragrant Viburnum Tree next to your patio or outside your bedroom window, waking up to such a wonderful aroma. Then he pounds a stake in the ground as close to the main stem as possible, and clips the tip off the single stem that is left. The stem is likely to be crooked and not too smooth because of the wounds from where the branches were removed, but that does not mean that you cannot create an interesting plant. Try it, surely you will have fun as well as create some very interesting plants for your landscape.
Through directing the growth of the tree while alive, it is also possible to create unique pieces of furniture by harvesting the wood once it takes on the desired form. Police who were walking their prisoners into town would use the tree as a temporary holding cell overnight before carrying on to their final destination. The small black fruit are almost universally compared to grapes and are either eaten whole or crushed to make juice or wine. This tree is unusual in the literal sense of uncommon as it is, in fact, the rarest tree we know of in the wild. This is less tall than a sequoia but the kauri does not narrow as the redwood does towards its top.
As a native of the desert, the leaves of the plant are small and cover the trunk to reduce water loss. As the bark ages it goes through several color changes from green, to blue, to purple, to orange, and finally to brown before being shed. To grow your own bridge you need to hollow out a log, lay the log over the gap you wish to cross, and direct the roots of the tree to grow into the log.
A lightning strike burned the core of the tree but the tree survived and remained standing, allowing the local priests to build their chapel within it.
Being a fast growing shrub, they typically produce 3 to 4 branches that grow to a height of about 3 to 4’ that first season.
This forces the plant to set lateral buds just below where he clipped the top off, rather than continue growing straight up.
You can use almost anything as a stake, and just tie the stem to the stake with a piece of cloth. Some of the shrubs that make beautiful and unique ornamental trees are many varieties of Viburnums, Burning Bush, Winged Burning Bush, Red and Yellow Twig Dogwoods, Weigelia, Mockorange, Rose of Sharon, and Flowering Almond.
In shrub form, this plant is extremely interesting with its twisted and contorted branches. More interested in the articles about gardening, you may visit, freeplantsdotcom and gardening-articlesdot com. They live on a timescale that is hard to relate to human life, and because they act so slowly we often do not notice what they are doing.

The Boab is approximately 1500 years old, and visitors are asked to view it from behind a fence to stop it being damaged, however few resist the temptation to go inside. This unusual appearance is due to the Dragon Blood tree belonging to the monocotyledons, the same group of plants as grasses, rather than dicotyledons, which are more common amongst trees.
Almost as strange as the appearance of the black fruits are the hairy white blossoms from which the fruit grow. There is a single example of this tree in the Three Kings Islands off the north coast of New Zealand. Because of the strength of the wood and the amount a single tree could yield, the Kauri was heavily logged in the 19th century. Because the bark is shed in irregular patches the tree displays a collection of all these colors at once giving a kaleidoscopic effect. Today the tree is beginning to show signs of its age and the pressures of housing a religious site, and so requires supporting struts. McGroarty has a friend who grows thousands of Tree Hydrangeas a year, and this is how he trains them.
The following spring he goes into the field, examines each plant and selects the one stem that is the straightest, and is likely to grow straight up from the roots if tied to a stake. Here are ten particularly unusual trees; unusual either because of their biology or because humans have changed them in some way.
The Boab of Derby is not the only Boab tree turned into a prison, there is another of comparable size outside the town of Wyndham, which is less often visited due to its isolation. As well as an unusual exterior, the trees also reveal an unusual interior; once pierced bright red sap oozes out. They can be grown in many places which will not experience frosts but in the Philippines they are mostly cultivated for use in paper manufacture and not as decorative trees.
Once the roots have formed a bridge, soil and stones, or other wood, are laid over them to protect them from damage as people cross. Not only that, when you train the shrub to grow into a single stem tree, you can end up with some very interesting plants. I find that if I only wrap the tape once, the sun will dry the glue and the tape will fall off by itself in about 12 months. Using the same technique as described above, he selects a single stem, ties it to a stake, and trains it to grow as a single stem tree.
While the inhabitants of Socotra still use it as a panacea, the sap is mostly used in the West as a red varnish for violins. Luckily, however, it is possible to detach shoots and culture them so the species can now be found in several places, but for true survival of the species it would be advantageous to locate a male Pennantia baylisiana. The density of the wood allows it to survive well once buried, and workable wood is dug up after being buried in bogs for over 50,000 years.

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