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Download the complete Music City Star Ride Guide in PDF format for more detailed information. With newly acquired PNR train coaches (I think from Taiwan), the Philippine National Railways has moved up a notch with issues of comfort to customers and train riding public. With undergoing improvements, especially with the Buendia, Makati station, I must say I’m glad that although there are only limited seats for passenger waiting purposes, the whole station is much cleaner than before. The station itself also had weak railings and fences enough to ward off riding public who don’t buy tickets.
The northbound PNR train travel starts from Mamatid, Calamba station at 5:00 AM and each station had an interval of about 4-12 minutes depending on the distance from one station to the next. With respect to the southbound train trip schedule, the first train coming in from Tutuban station in Manila will depart at approximately about 5:15 AM and same travel intervals of PNR train departure is observed inbetween stations in reverse to the northbound trip. There are currently 26 PNR train stations all in all based from the official website of the PNR. The new PNR train now has airconditioned coaches although I must admit it is not enough to ease out the problem of possible suffocation due to overloading and too many passengers looking to ride one of the cheapest and fastest mode of transportation from Manila to South and vise versa today. Those who are waiting to ride the train may now sit on the tiled floors even if they are under office attire.

The reason is because the station itself is very short and the excess train coaches is easy to ride with as soon as it arrives at the Buendia station.
In Mamatid for example, the longest time it takes for the train to arrive to Cabuyao station is approximately 11 minutes including stand by at the station to take in passengers going to Manila from south. Just a word of advice – it is best to position yourself at the base station in Tutuban if you want to take the very long drive to and from Calamba and vise versa.
Below is the complete list of terminals where you can buy your tickets to and from one station to another. However, looking at the latest data, I saw that there is an average of 4-8 minutes of waiting and travel time between each of the stations. You may use the one featured above for reference but read in reverse from up and downwards. For complete and accurate ticket pricing, you may directly inquire at the designated and authorized ticket booths inside each station. I’ve taken my last train ride since 2 years ago and I was surprised at the minor changes so I wanted to brag about them as well as the bad side of the scenario. I think the management has to seek to further extend the station occupancy itself along with secured fences that non-paying riding public cannot take a free ride using the flaw.

You can try to see the new and updated schedule of arrival and departure using the image below. In my experience, Makati, Buendia to Blumentrit  station will only take about 20-30 minutes assuming there are no problems. I’ve noticed that there are some people taking the ride of the train without buying tickets especially that of the last trip train schedule. Some stations lack proper lighting and most of them don’t have signages or signboards where the riding public can see what station the train is currently in. Regular ticket prices may range from Php 10.00 which from Tutuban to Pasay Road which is about 10 stations. There is also nobody to do frisking at the station entrance gate right after buying a ticket at the booth. The speakers of the train and the drivers are not kind enough to speak in the communication speakers what station the train is currently arriving in to.

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