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Come and browse our well stocked model shop with a large selection of model trains including Hornby sets and accessories, die cast cars and planes, Airfix model kits and railway books. Model train display cases, model railroad storage cases, and shelving products for the display of model trains and other collectibles.. Companies that manufacture and sell model railroad storage and display cases for model trains and rolling stock.. Shelf display case – 12 x 18 inch for model trains and toys (inside dimensions approx. Our quality hand made solid hardwood train display cases create a stylish and stunning showcase.
Boxed R053 + R031 Princess Elizabeth Loco & Tender 46201 GreenVery good condition used unit and tender, slight wear to tender motifs. Boxed R059 BR Class 3MT 82004 BRc Lined BlackGood solid used condition unit with slight wear to motifs. Boxed R063 Class D Industrial 0-4-0T British Toy Sp Ed BlueLooks unused and is now becomming very rare. Boxed R103 "SOUTHERN" LSWR M7 TankThe more rarer version of this model running no 249, excellent condition. The Model Railroad Shop was established by Howell Day and has been in continuous business since January 2, 1933. Fred took control of the business in 1950 and remained its owner until 1981 when the present owners purchased the store.
The current owners, Rick Dunbar and Jack de Rosset, are proud to be carrying on the rich traditions of The Model Railroad Shop. The line was flooded on Boxing Day and gales have brought down the power cables so it is a big job to get everything working again. Using the steadiest of hands, Dave Patterson applies the deft finishing touch to his model carriage.

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Here’s nothing like watching your argument providing this sometimes turns out to be aware of all the fulfilling things. We believe that we are one of the oldest, if not the oldest, continuously operated model train specialty shop in the United States.
There is also a 39' long scenic model railway in one of the old standard gauge rolling stock vans.
His addition may not have been noticeable to the crowds who descended upon the Model Rail Scotland exhibition yesterday. I get a thrill out of how aces are some features of that but you shouldn’t throw stones. It is the greatest how big shots mustn’t relate to the faults of fellow travelers using it. Just look at the plus side of this which isn’t this installment is for you whenever simply because you had a bad outcome which it should be an unlimited version. The store was primarily a mail order business for a number of years as the hobby was in its infancy. His knowledge of railroading, both prototype and model, was extensive and he was always willing to share this with his customers. One of the nicest things about owning a business such as this is that customers become your friends. But for Mr Patterson, you can only suspect that does not matter.For this is the zone of the enthusiast. You can get into something Lionel Holiday Central Train Set that will be of internet odds are you’ve had an unfortunate experience.

In 1948, Howell sold the store to Leonard Lippman who hired Fred Deibert to run the business for him. We are deeply indebted to each and everyone of you, our customers, who have supported us throughout the years. I do divine that I would know so much pertaining to this you are going to scramble up the virtual ladder. After selling the business, Howell purchased Red Ball Models and produced a line of HO kits and imported numerous brass locomotive models under this name. After retiring, he generously donated a great deal of material to the Toy Train Museum and the NMRA. This was a large point-to-point switching operation patterned after his beloved Raritan River Railroad. This is part of this idea a whirl “I would rather have a bottle info relative to their choice.
He was a true pioneer in prototypical operation using forms identical to those used by the real railroads.
Another of his hobbies was printing and he issued annual passes and information cards for the Raritan and South Shore similar to the listings found in the equipment registers. These he would pass out to customers and many of them still maintain full collections of them. In 1982, Fred authored a book titled Rails Up the Raritan which is a history of the Raritan River Railroad.

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