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We serve many of the world's large Amusement Parks, Christmas Decorators, Sign Shops, Casinos, Carnivals, Museums, Scenery Shops and many other business types, on a year-around basis. Give us a call with your ideas, our capable staff can assist in finalizing a superior design, whether it is incandescent or the latest in LED technology. A special trailer was built for this train: It took 60 feet of flat deck to mount the train. We have developed a very large following of Commercial Designers, Cities, Holiday Drive-Through Parks, Commercial Holiday Decorators whom we serve with an exceptional Holiday Lighting offering of up to date quality products.
French physicist Augustin Fresnel knew that light rays spread out in all directions from their source.
Travel has changed since Fresnel’s day, but travelers still rely on Fresnel-type lenses for safety. Adorable, pretty and practical, these lovely children’s night lights from Aloka are bound to delight your little one as they drift off to dreamland! Stylish and sweet, the SleepyLight is the answer to children’s night lights that every parent has been waiting for. These colourful night lights provide just enough light to comfort those little ones who fear the dark. This unique Train night light has a beautiful set of designer LED colours, including warm and cool white. If your child wakes during the night the soft glow of the light will help settle them back to sleep. Children will love the delightful colours and lights as they watch them changing while drifting off into dreams just as pretty and colourful. The remote control included with the light will help you to easily and quietly check in on their children without disturbing them. Babies won’t be disturbed by bright lights during feeding times so will be more likely so settle quickly. JUMBO Train lighting batteries developed for the Indian Railways are approved by Ministry of Railways, Government of India and are manufactured in PPCP and Hard Rubber Battery Containers. JUMBO Train lighting Batteries are robust and designed to meet the demanding performance requirement in the Indian Railways. Water loss during operation is minimal ensuring low maintenance and low frequency of topping up with DM water. Tubular plate with grids cast on HADI Austria Pressure Casting machine at 100 bar pressure using a proprietary corrosion resistant low maintenance Lead a€“ Antimony a€“ Selenium a€“ Tin Alloy. Pasted Plates using grids cast with proprietary Corrosion resistant Lead Calcium Alloy and Expanders for heavy duty cyclic application.

Polyethylene Sleeve separators provide excellent Electrical insulation between the plates with Ultra Low Electrical resistance which reduces the Battery Internal Resistance and enhances battery performance. The tough & resilient PPCP or Hard Rubber Container helps the battery absorb the shocks and vibration during Field operations. The tubular positive plates are constructed in high performance Tubular gauntlets with the Active Material being filled in the tubular Bags under controlled vibration, ensuring consistent battery capacity, long life and excellent discharge characteristics. Prevents the escape of acid fumes and Mist from the battery and thus ensures low maintenance as well as a corrosion free environment in the vicinity of the battery. BMW subsidiary Designworks USA is helping the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur move into the 21st century with 58 ritzy trains for the city’s new subway system.
On the interior of the trains, the BMW’s design scheme focuses on bringing part of the local culture along for the ride. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Welcome to Inhabitat, your online guide to the best green design ideas, innovations and inspiration to build a cleaner, brighter, and better future. MONTREAL, Canada - Future Lighting Solutions announced today that it provided key technical design assistance for new energy-saving LED light fixtures unveiled last month on the Hong Kong MTR (Mass Transit Railway). Future Lighting Solutions has been involved in the project since early 2007 as a strategic partner working with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and industrial lighting specialist JM Technologies Limited, as well as supplying the LEDs.
Future Lighting Solutions provided technical training to the MTR engineering team on the power, thermal and optical aspects of using high-power LEDs. The finished fixtures will consume an estimated 30% less electricity than fluorescent lights and have a 50,000-hour useful life, triple that of their fluorescent counterparts. The new fixtures are being installed on three MTR trains as part of a project intended to pave the way for broader adoption of solid-state train lighting by MTR Corporation Limited, the publicly traded company that owns and runs the MTR metro system. Future Lighting Solutions is a leading provider of LED lighting components and solution support for lighting designers and OEMs interested in taking advantage of solid state lighting technology. It all began when Hugh and Charlotte Reid decided that retirement was not for them and created our parent company, American West Marketing.
Next time you attend a fair or amusement park, take a close look at the lighting, chances are, Action Lighting had a part in "lighting up your experience"!
Lighthouses were built to signal the safest route, but often the weak light from their lamps was not visible until too late. He spent eight years perfecting a system to capture those divergent rays and redirect them into a strong, concentrated, horizontal beam. They’re used in everything from car headlights and traffic lights to airport beacons and ships’ lights.

Working with a color blindness expert, Corning chemist William Churchill identified the glass compositions that produced the shades of red, green, and yellow that the human eye finds most distinctive. The new three-line metro system is expected to be up and running by 2017, and it will incorporate energy-efficient LED lighting, recyclable stainless steel cars, and an aesthetically pleasing mix of futuristic feature. Decorative interior panels with symmetrical pattern represent a traditional Kuala Lumpur-inspired design. By making the subway experience more visually pleasing and environmentally conscious, the local government hopes to double the city’s public transit usage in the upcoming years. The new fixtures, each comprised of 32 high-powered LEDs, are designed to reduce energy consumption on the city's trains, extend bulb life to lower replacement costs, and provide more natural lighting than conventional fluorescent tubing for commuter comfort.
The LED solutions provider also supplied technical design support, including full access to its engineers and suite of proprietary LED application development tools, to ensure optimum fixture reliability and performance.
The savings in energy and replacement bulbs are expected to make up for the higher costs of solid-state lighting within two years and lower overall maintenance costs in the long run.
MTR Corporation also is planning the use of solid-state lighting in train stations and plans to complete the first installation at the Choi Hung station by August 2009.
Future Lighting Solutions provides LED lighting knowledge, resources, programs, partners, solutions and logistics support to promote the development of LED products and installations. The large, thick lens that was supposed to project the light absorbed much of the signal.  Hollowing out the interior of the lens helped, but not enough. In 1822, he unveiled his invention: a lighthouse lens made up of several thin lenses, each surrounded by concentric rings of prisms. Continuing with the electric blue motif, blue LED lighting is installed under the seats, designed to make the trains seem inviting and spacious. Laurenz Schaffer, president of BMW Group Designworks USA, explains the connection between the prestigious car company and its new train design. The company is a division of Future Electronics, the third largest electronic components distributor in the world.
This train was constructed by Grand Junction Pipe and Supply Co of Grand Junction, Colorado. For special needs passengers, doors will be installed with a guiding light and beeping system to alert door openings and closings. Within a short time, a need and market for light bulbs was recognized and a new division named Action Lighting was added.

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