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Step 1) To know the train status you need to put 5 digit train number, or train name, source and destination of the train in to the input field and then click Go.
Find the Platform Number of Trains Arriving or Departing from Delhi Tech Guides About Us Work 18 Aug 2012 A Useful Site for Train Travellers in Delhi A little-known Indian Railways website provides the platform numbers of various trains travelling to or out of Delhi stations in real time. A search result will be displayed as per the keyword given by you, from that search result you have to select the appropriate train, then Click on the train name to select the particular train.
The DowneasterThe Northeast Regional and the Acela Express traverse what's called the Northeast Corridor, which means they run between Washington, D.C.

You know the kind of panic and chaos that happens when the platform number of a train is changed at the last moment (not an infrequent phenomenon) and the live information available on this little website will hopefully help you plan a little better.
He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker. North StationAll three train stations are wheelchair accessible (the elevator to the subway in South Station is in the corridor behind the information booth), have staffed ticket windows, and provide connections to some Amtrak, commuter rail, subway, and bus lines.
You can get food at all three, but South Station provides the most options by far within the station itself (though getting a seat in the food court can be a challenge).The Northeast Corridor lines (Acela Express and Northeast Regional) arrive and depart out of South Station.

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