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Despite the fact that these energetic dogs consider themselves just another human being, they can make great pets if they get enough exercise. Fun FactThe Ibizan’s resemblance to depictions of the Egyptian dog god Anubis is one of the reasons he is often thought to be an ancient breed. Ibizan Hounds normally have placid, gentle personalities which helps make these individuals good choices for house pets.
Differing breed stands means that Ibizan Hounds can average anywhere between 22 and 29 inches (56 and 74 centimeters) in height.
It is thought that Phoenician traders may have originally brought the ancestors of these dogs from Egypt to Ibiza in the Balearic Islands. In keeping with their original purpose as a hunting breed, Ibizan Hounds have excellent hearing and a good sense of smell.
These dogs easily succumb to boredom and may misbehave if they are not given enough to do to keep their minds occupied. Brushing your pet’s teeth a few times per week, if not every day, is the best way to promote good oral health. Parasite prevention medications are a good way to keep harmful pests from causing problems for your pet. Short-haired members of this breed will only need occasional grooming but wirehaired varieties will need to have their fur brushed on weekly basis.
Ibizan Hounds that are provided with warm places to sleep when the temperatures drop and soft bedding can easily live outdoors. Owners should additionally note that Ibizan Hounds can easily jump over 5 foot fences and the dogs will need a barrier that it at least 6 feet high in order to stop them from getting loose.
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In fact, this is one of those rare instances in which we need not consult the text of the book at all. Sometimes, however, in How to Raise and Train a Basset Hound, the gap between words and picture is so great that words can only hang their head in shame. Meanwhile, Amos Slade, the Widow Tweed’s neighbor, brings home Copper, a hound, who will eventually become his new hunting dog, as his current hunting dog, Chief, is getting up there in years.
The next spring, Copper returns with Amos and Chief, and Tod figures things will be just as they used to be. Anyway, Amos realizes what the old woman has done and decides to illegally poach Tod on the game preserve.
The film ends with the Widow Tweed mending to Amos’s wounded leg, and Copper dreaming about his carefree days as a child with Tod, and Tod and Vixey watching from afar. This was the last Disney film to have no closing credits, and have all credits be at the beginning of the film.
I believe at the film’s end, Tod either returned home to Widow Tweed and brought Vixey to live with them, or stayed in the forest with Vixey and had fox kits. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
To launch your training program on the right foot, you are well advised to establish yourself as the alpha leader in the home as soon as humanly possible. What would be among the most important areas of training to emphasize when learning how to train an Afghan Hound? Here is some news most should be mindful of: clicker training is a must when you wish this dog to remember obedience commands. Two others areas of consideration when learning how to train an Afghan Hound effectively are socialization and crate training. Socialization entails helping the dog become used to other animals and humans that do not live in the home. White Eyes is prob one of the best all round coyote hounds I have ever had the pleasure to see on a coyotes trail! The daily newspaper comics are nowhere near as popular as they once where, but there are still numerous comic strip characters many follow fondly. Among the reasons that the process of how to train a basset hound is not tough, is because this dog’s demeanor is a very “go with the program” attitude. One issue that does need to be addressed is the fact that a basset hound has very weak memory retention. Now, you might be a little more forgiving with obedience commands, but you could end up somewhat frustrated with the basset hound’s delays on learning proper housebreaking. How to train a basset hound on its leash needs to be done, but you cannot go overboard on the length of these training sessions.
All in all, the process of how to train a basset hound can be considered easy in some ways and difficult in others.
These dogs are not among the most affectionate of breeds but are outgoing enough around folks they know well.
These dogs should be allowed to run about and play in safely fenced areas as part of their usual exercise regime.
These products normally need to be administered once a month in order to be completely effective.

Even so, most of these animals remain house pets because they aren’t likely to misbehave much indoors.
Readers are welcome to email me on any bookish subject under the sun, and if you want me to send you a copy of anything I discuss here, just say the word! Merely reading the photo captions will be exercise enough in the narrative’s duplicity.
Look first at the epicene young man holding the leash, neatly dressed, expecting a pleasant walk, perhaps a not-so-casual meeting with that strapping lad from the lumber yard. Neither one knows they shouldn’t be playing together, and that, in a few years, one will be hunting the other.
Amos follows behind, shooting at Tod, and shoots up the Widow Tweed’s car and her milk jugs. Amos ends up getting caught in one of his traps, and Copper tries fending off the bear by himself. Amos tries to shoot Tod, but Copper stands in front of him, pleading with Amos not to shoot Tod. This is my favorite shot in the film — Tod is walking through the part of the woods where Amos has set the traps and is waiting to shoot him, and they shoot it from the front and Tod is right in front of the camera, moving forward, but the camera stays with him.
It was filed under Movies and was tagged with Disney, Film, Movies, Ranking Disney, The Fox and the Hound. The truth of the matter is, if you personally have a desire to own this breed above all others, then your enthusiasm will likely translate into effective training. The reason for this is that once you have been established as the alpha you remove some of the independence the dog may thrive on which makes it tough to train.
Some might not see the value in using a clicker, but such an attitude is a supreme oversight.
Instead of losing your temper, it would be much better to use dog whispering commands when trying to determine how to train an Afghan Hound. A wide range of behavior issues will be eliminated once the dog realizes it does not have to be wary or aggressive towards other dogs or humans.
It also aids in serving the purpose of preventing the dog from making a mess of your home when you’re out and about.
However, it can be made much easier than you think if you put in the right amount of effort. Fred Basset is one of them, as this precocious basset hound appeals to the pet lover in all of us.
You’re going to need to be mindful of the fact poor memory capabilities will limit this breed’s ability to become quickly housebroken.
Members of this breed typically get along with children as well as other canine members of their household. As is the case with most breeds, the male Ibizan Hounds tend to be somewhat larger than their female contemporaries. Short haired individuals have smooth fur while those with wirehair coats have fur that averages between 1 and 3 inches in length. The harsh conditions on the island allowed only the hardiest members of the breed to survive and crossbreeding was rare throughout their history. However, these dogs are probably not a sensible pet choice for households that already contain animals like cats, birds, or rodents which the Ibizan Hounds might regard as prey.
Ibizan Hounds have no problem claiming any unsupervised edibles for their very own treat, including what might be left on kitchen counters. Catching Ibizan Hounds that manage to escape could prove a difficult task at best, since members of this fleet-footed breed can spot potential prey from a long way off and will gladly go after it. That basset is not interested in the brotherhood of all living creatures, as the book would have you believe. She gets Boomer, the woodpecker, and Dinky, the finch, to help get him adopted by the Widow Tweed.
Amos eventually relents, and takes Copper home, but not before a heartfelt goodbye between the two friends. Some people might find it too slow and too lacking in character development, but I think the fact that it’s so easy-going makes up for that. So we can only see him and not what’s in front of him, and it has a sort of, moving through the vertical plane feel. Chief was like a father to Copper, therefore his revenge on Tod is (although not fully acceptable) totally understandable. However, those that have experience with the process of how to train an Afghan Hound will be quick to tell you that there are more than a few issues inherent with training this dog. An obedient dog will prove to be among the most agreeable and safe pets to have in the home. Such commands are easier for the dog to understand, and they do not make the dog nervous or scared. Some may even have been so inspired by the image of Fred in the newspapers that they may have adopted their own basset hound. Some might confuse this behavior with that of a stubborn breed where it just doesn’t want to listen. Long walks or exercise sessions that extend beyond an hour could prove problematic and injurious.

The basset hound certainly is a great pet to own and those willing to learn how to train it will find the experience worthwhile.
Ibizan Hounds tend to be reserved around strangers and some individuals can be particularly shy. As a result, Ibizan Hounds are similar in nature to the original animals that made their way across the seas so long ago.
Members of this breed additionally make good watchdogs because they are not alarmist barkers but they do have powerful voices when they choose to employ them. Therefore, human foods that are not safe for canine consumption should be carefully guarded around members of this breed. Cataracts, deafness, axonal dystrophy, and retinal dysplasia may even show up from time to time.
Ibizan Hounds tend to absorb their lessons at an average rate of speed but they do have an independent streak and some individuals are particularly stubborn. Therefore, it is best to make sure that Ibizan Hounds can’t get out of any enclosure in which they are being kept. In the very photo which is meant to illustrate the occasional need for mild correction during a walk, the puppy is stupidly, mulishly fighting the very concept of forward movement.
The text would have you believe the dog in question is taking his training seriously and therefore looks solemn and attentive. They have a giant argument, and he says if he ever sees Tod on his property, he’s going to shoot him. And they end up by a waterfall together (like Lady and the Tramp, or Duchess and Napoleon). Tod manages to lure the bear out on a log over the falls, and the bear ends up falling down into the water.
And although the ending is bittersweet rather than triumphant, you know Tod and Vixey are alive and well, and will live happily ever after, and so will Copper. Being less than friendly to your dog will do little more than make any behavior issues the dog may have… worse.
For those that wish to eliminate all manner of behavior issues a dog may be prone to embody, it’s highly advised that you make obedience training a huge part of the mix. Clicker training allows the dog to remember basic commands thanks to the sound association of the clicker. So, you might find the process of how to train a basset hound a lot easier than you initially thought.
Prospective owners interested in this breed should be aware that these dogs are very active and have a high need for regular exercise. During the 1950s, the breed made its way to America but it never achieved a great following.
Therefore, Ibizan Hounds will probably need to have their eyes tested periodically in order to catch and treat difficulties before they become serious.
However, properly trained members of this breed are excellent candidates for various forms of dog sports. Look at the angle of the tail; look at the entirely occluded face – this is a puppy that does not need (and will not need, its whole life long) merely occasional correction. Copper eventually corners Tod, but lets him go, saying it’s “just this one time.” However, Chief chases Tod onto the train tracks and toward an oncoming train. No matter how patient you may be or how versed you are with canines, you’ll find it pretty tough to train this dog. Without using the clicker, you’ll likely find the dog does not remember what you wish it to retain as easily.
Clicker training can instill positive sentiments in the dog that will lead it to reacting favorably to your directions during the training process.
The key here would be to understand that it may take a lot of time for a basset hound to truly internalize obedience commands. Just take the needed steps to devise an elimination schedule for the pet, and the means in which how to train a basset hound for housebreaking will eventually work for you. The alert expressions found in the dogs’ amber eyes readily shows their intelligent nature. These dogs were subsequently admitted to the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1978 as part of their hound group. This is a blockheaded creature that will whine every single day to go for a walk – and then fight that walk with every flabby muscle in its body. I knew nothing about this film until I bought it on Blu-Ray when they released it this past year or last year or whenever it was. Sorry, but this is just the nature of the breed, and you need to accept this when wondering how to train a basset hound effectively. Members of this breed are also able to run with a double suspension gallop, which enables them to quickly cover a great deal of ground without sacrificing their endurance levels.
I really wouldn’t ever rank this below 35 no matter how many times I created this list.

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