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This is the Buddy L industrial train set, that comes with six original pieces counting the engine. Mantua by Model Power is ranked #1 in ho scale model train passenger cars, followed by Bachmann, Con-Cor, Kato USA Inc, and 22 other manufacturers. There is five cars, one being an open flat bed type car with four wooden poles in each of the four corners, a second flat bed type car with solid front and back supports on either end of the flat bed, third car has a side dumping mechanism that will allow for the box to rotate to either side and empty the contents being hauled in that manner,  fourth and fifth car are open box cars, one have a peaked floor and side gates on either side of the car which will hinge upward to release the product being transported. Max 2010 file with standard materials also included.These cars are also available separately. Delivery of the original Superliner 1 cars began in 1979 with the first cars operating on short runs originating in Seattle and Chicago.

Poly count as follows:(ID 735355) Locomotive - 115,617(ID 764851) Centerbeam Car - 85,437(ID 766571) Well Car - 59,129(ID 770691) Auto Carrier - 60,757(ID 787753) Hopper Car - 76,966- Model is placed at origin- Real world scale- All objects, textures and materials have relevant names- Clean scene without any lights, cameras or other objects. As more cars arrived, entire Superliner trainsets replaced trains on existing Western routes.
All cars are identified with original Buddy L labels and are in very good original condition. The height of a Superliner generally precludes its operating in the Northeast because of tunnel clearance concerns. If you are needing a great all original Buddy L engine and five all original cars then you will not want to miss this find. When originally delivered in the 1970s, Superliner I lounges were referred to as "Lounge Cafe" cars.

Superliner dining cars have almost the entire upper level available for seating, while the galley (kitchen) occupies the entire lower level.
The increased capacity of bi-level or "gallery" concept cars made them popular with many commuter rail agencies in the U.S.

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