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How do you run a fairly long train on a smaller layout without it looking like the train is chasing itself?
The most popular Christmas tree train is an O-gauge, an electric train set that plugs into the wall and has cars that are about 10 inches long, according to Lionel, which manufactures electric trains.There are many types of add-on cars and accessories available for an O-gauge. Train cars should take up no more than one-third of the track, says Duane Miller, owner of Caboose Hobbies in Denver. Purchase the train from a reputable dealer, says James Pentifallo, owner and manager of Ridgefield Hobby in Ridgefield, N.J.
Buy a reliable name, such as Lionel, MTH Electric Trains or Bachmann Trains, says Pentifallo. First, knowing how collectors of used Lionel trains put a value on them will help you to get your best deal. Once you have a handle on how to look for an appropriate price, you are ready to go shopping for your used Lionel Train. Ran across this great website that has a lot of different ideas for model railroads.  The creator of the site models in HO scale, although he does have a lot of suggestions that would be of juse to N-Scalers as well. Water: Wal-mart sells a great material for creating very realistic looking water, its called gallery glass. Once I have collected the sawdust I make a bee line to the grocery store and buy some fabric dye.
It seems to me that the custom of model railroads beneath Christmas Trees is a well established American one, although I am sure that many this side of the Atlantic also follow it.

I have wondered about doing something similar but as we rarely have a tree indoors the matter is somewhat academic.
Whilst running trains last week I suddenly realized that my garden railroad passes beneath a Christmas Tree, which is around fifteen feet high.
Alan Lott said:It seems to me that the custom of model railroads beneath Christmas Trees is a well established American one, although I am sure that many this side of the Atlantic also follow it. Rename the file eliminating the spaces in the file name and reupload it to your freight shed. A complete starter set, which can run about $200-$300 and includes everything from the track to the transformer is the easiest way to set up a Christmas decoration. With the track included in most sets, most people set up a 40-inch diameter circle around the Christmas tree, according to Lionel.
You don’t want the locomotive chasing the tail of the train, says Neil Besougloff, editor of Model Railroader magazine.
If so, here are some tips and tricks that can help you locate a good train, and save you some money on the price you have to pay to get it.
In addition, if you are intending to sell your train later, knowing what affects the resale value is an important consideration. You will find some of your best deals at garage sales, flea markets, in the For Sale sections of newspapers (especially the small community newspapers), at estate sales, and sometimes on Ebay.
I do however produce a lot of sawdust and over the years have tried to think of things to do with it.

White glue, like Elmer’s, will work, though it does not really stick well to plastic, and you may have to reapply the window to the model from time to time. Most of the people selling their used Lionel Trains through these methods do not understand the real value of their trains. When I started modeling railroads I found that it was easy to use as ground cover as well as adding colors on my trees.
You can also buy it in liquid or powder form and although both work well I prefer the powdered kind. I them put the colored sawdust in a baking dish and put in a 250 degree oven for an hour or so to dry it out. I found the crystal clear dries to that and can be worked to create a surface that looks like moving water. I apply it to the ground with carpenters glue and to my trees with spray glue or hairspray.

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