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Meghan Houk, a senior at Urbana High, is an incredible example of persistence and determination, and proves it by being athlete of the month.
Although running started as a mere hobby for Meghan, it turned into a love when she joined the cross country and track teams at Urbana High. Morgan Lovell, a sophomore who runs distance for the track team, says that Meghan is a role model for her.
Unfortunately, Meghan will be graduating this year and taking her legacy as an amazing track runner with her. It’s about that time again, and both the girls and boys are ready to get the 2011 track season started.
The boys are also anxious to see if their talents and hard work will get them far this year. Some people might think with the Urbana Track being remodeled it will cause problems for the track athletes, but the teams see this as a minor issue, if one at all. Yesterday, there were a handful of people running and walking around the USC track and more showed up as I ran. Partially, there was no way it was going to be as bad as I was expecting it to be, so that made it easy to succeed. In this kind of workout, where I have no specific pace goal, I don’t like to slow down after the first one. I was definitely muttering to myself at the start line, while the high school PE class (not the high school I coach at, the one right by my house) all stared at me like I was crazy.
At that comedy show, the woman taking tickets recognized me from hosting the local weekly news show, Seriously Now, on public access. Yesterday, I got it into my head I needed to do a track workout to test out my legs, even though I haven’t been to the track since I hurt my foot running on it two months ago. Originally, I was going to get up and bike to the community college for a group track workout of 400s in the morning. Apparently, I am either not as out of shape as I think or the 5K really did break the seal or I have some inherent speed but no endurance. Every day you run (or play any sport at all really) something hurts a little — or a lot. The race I really remember, though, 12 years later, is the sprint medley we almost qualified in my sophomore year.
We came around the last turn, less than 100m to go, and I could see the clock at the finish line. Twelve years later, I still remember that particular combination of complete exhaustion and disappointment. I wonder what the kids from this weekend will remember, if they will keep running, if this will be the time they didn’t win or the time they did. Enter your email address to follow It's Always Sunny Running and receive notifications of new posts by email. Her hard work running on the track team has paid off significantly, by getting person bests in both the one mile and the two mile. Glynn Davis, a senior track runner at Urbana, says of Meghan, “Watching her run is so inspirational. She has obviously left quite an impact on her track team, and will surely continue to inspire them while she’s away at college.

Many of the athletes have been hard at work improving and toning their skills to prepare for the upcoming competitive year. It will be interesting to see how much progress the Tigers have achieved since last year and how they will do despite the temporary loss of their home track. I kept running my tempo in lane six when I was near him, to give him a wide berth, and then I’d cut in to lane four or five when I could.
It would be great to just go around believing, believing in the face of overwhelming evidence and doubt.
To a degree, I can fake 400s for a long time, though I might regret it later, and I can barrel and pray my way through long tempos beyond my real fitness.
If I went too fast, then I went too fast, but it’s time to find out if I can hold on. But, I hate waking up and I slept poorly (again), so when my alarm went off I just rolled over.
How do you know when something is the beginning of an injury and not just something you’ll look back on in your training log months later and wonder why you felt the need to walk home, what could have been so bad? I got conned into handing out the medals for the sprint medley (100m-100m-200m-400m) and all those kids were pretty sure they were the greatest thing since, I dunno, last year’s meet? To qualify, you had to be top two at Sectionals or run a qualifying time at Sectionals — not at some other point in the season. She inspires each and every one of her teammates, and her coaches see her as a role model for their track team.
She makes it fun for the runners on our team and her competitors in races, because after her events are over, she always tells everyone how well they did. She has great values and morals, and I along with the rest of the team can count on her for anything.
As each day passes and the snow slowly start to melt away, the teams are getting closer to have the opportunity to showcase their talent. There were other people jogging or running or walking, some of whom I’d have to run around and some of whom were in other lanes. And, what was the weirdest part was that I was 100 percent sure that he was positive I was disrespectful. I pretty much knew for a fact that somewhere between the tempo miles and the descending 800s I simply wasn’t going to make the times. Because, if you talk yourself too much down a hole then it’s hard to climb out of it.
Anything under 6:20 is fast for me, is closer to 5K pace than anything I plan on racing soon. So, I talked to him a bit and then he started giving one of the kids a hard time, saying ‘When I was your age, I could run a 10-flat 100m. I tentatively thought I should run the mile at 10K pace and descend from there, to test out the idea of racing the Memorial Day 10K in a week. I was fast and thought it was fun, but it lacked the team spirit and funky hi-jinks of cross-country. I was an 400m and 800m runner and every year I just missed the qualifying time in the 800m.
Also we will see teams that we haven’t raced against before so that will get us prepared for the important meets in the future,” said Senior Devin Butler.

The bronchitis diagnosis on Tuesday afternoon and subsequent medication is actually starting to clear up my month-long illness — really one illness + a secondary respiratory infection. And, yet, I was perfectly able to get around them, because that’s how running on a track works. He thought I was just some little entitled USC girl, who thought she could do whatever she wanted. If you think it’s going to be impossible, then you might just quit before even trying.
Things go wrong in slow, small, creeping steps until you get to the end and don’t know if it all adds up anymore.
I especially don’t know how they do this if they went to a comedy show last night and Dana Carvey made a surprise appearance and it went super late. I went back and forth some more at the track, without being sure if I was going to run the full workout I had in my head or bail halfway.
We were flinging ourselves toward the finish, all hoping for the 1:50, and my legs turned to rubber. Meghan even said that running has made her a better student, since she can focus more easily in class when she’s been exercising.
If I believed beyond question I was going to nail that workout yesterday, then when I started gasping and struggling I would have wondered what was wrong with me.
It was also really obvious this was going to be a battle, a real test of if I could gut it. I got about six hours of sleep and didn’t do anything this morning except get up, shower, and get in the car. I still know that.) My freshman year the Sectional race was on one of those crazy Chicago days where you get shitty winter weather at the beginning of May.
Because it’s a small group of people that choose to run circles, they want to bond and talk, and spectators enjoy making comments. Coach made an executive decision then and decided just four, not five, just four repeats, all under 6:15. So, we all watched the two kids, who were convinced they were super awesome, make it about 50m before completely losing steam. It was the first (and, to a degree, the only) time my legs have ever completely given out like that. That story’s become code in my family for peaking to soon, for never being able to top standing on some podium in high school. This is probably why I usually run by myself, but that’s a whole other problem when you lose it a little bit and start swearing you can hear the telephone wires vibrating and taste the track in your mouth.
This older man walking back and forth in lane five yelled at me to stay in the outside lanes. I might have bailed and then I would have added that to the list of workouts I have not succeeded in completely. And, because it was Chicago, sometimes the indoor meets would be on hot February days and the outdoor meets would be held in hail in April.) When we hit the outdoor season, we won a lot.

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