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Laying it is easy and it even has a pre-scored track centreline underneath to allow it to be easily split for accurately laying along track centre-lines (or on tighter radii).
15 years ago, I came across a box of this material, looking for something to 'quiet-down' the traveling engines as they rolled. O Track-Bed Sign in Contact us Search Cart 0 Product Products (empty) No products Free shipping! It deadens sound, requires no pre-soaking like cork, remains flexible and will not dry out or become brittle.
Hides wires coming up through holes.Can invert the roadbed to fit between adjacent rail lines at grade crossings. We probably have it in stock but not yet uploaded to the new website!Free delivery on all orders over ?30.If you are from outside the UK, contact us with your order details so we can give you the shipping cost.

It’s also available in thinner sheets at a lower density as a protective wrap for shipping.
If I were using more of it, I’d look into buying bulk, but for the small quantity I need, a few sheets of the WS product from my local hobby store were sufficient. Latex caulk is also said to work with WS Track-Bed (use the siliconized stuff that stays flexible). For standard polyethylene a Contact Cement (such as DAP Weldwood) is the only thing I could find a reference to that would apparently bond two pieces of it together.
I haven’t used any of these (yet), and am counting on the weight of the track and platforms to hold the roadbed in place in the Urban Station.
Impressive.Note that the paint does need to fully cure, otherwise it will stick to objects placed on it.

So when I finally painted the real roadbed I used a disposable foam paintbrush, which produced a relatively smooth finish, although it didn’t hold paint as well, so I had to apply smaller amounts with each pass. It was left to sit on the bench for a week or so to let the paint cure (it tends to stick to the track otherwise), then installed.

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