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Antique Toy Prices  Know The Facts Before Selling Your Old Toys Buddy L Museum The World's Most Trusted Name In Antique Toy Trucks, Old Cars Robots, Space Toys, Boats, Planes Trains, Trucks and More. Per visionare il listino prezzi LGB e la disponibilita dei prodotti consulta il catalogo on line. We lived at the seashore, Brigantine Island, just north of Atlantic City, during the war winter years to get away from the inland pollens.
During my time at Brigantine I did not have the metal trains with me as the salt air would have finished them. One day after school I heard all this yelling the dining room and discovered Mom was making her own war on Mr. When I was eight or so and after the war, Daddy came home with an ad for used standard gauge trains in Pitman, NJ. The lot consisted of a Lionel electric loco #8, 2 passenger cars, a series of Lionel freight cars, the big 219 crane and companion 219 dumper, 180-182 maroon passenger cars that they said came from Uncle Louie and that the loco had been lost, tack and switches and a few accessories. At George School (high school) I think I was a member of the HO club, but I don’t think I was very active. During my first military assignment at McClellan AFB, Sacramento I bought a few pieces from the Knot’s Berry Farm train shop.
When I arrived in Germany, I my dumped my bags in my room and headed for the train station. One day, while I was taking my annual flight exam, the examiner mentioned that he collected trolleys and that there was a big auction in a couple of weeks, Well, when he found out I was also a collector, I passed the flight examination ride and started doing to German auctions.
There were only four auctions per year and we made every one of them while we stayed in Germany. At one of the German shows, I’m observing this native in silver boots and painted on jeans. Being military and moving around a great deal, we found ourselves frequently at the gates of a new base, not knowing anybody. During the 80’s Bruce Greenberg was very busy producing books documenting antique trains and their current prices.
As part of my service to the community, I stared an annual train show at the reconstructed Fairfax Station in Fairfax Station, Va. The show has grown to a very special event for our area and is a key fund raiser for the station.
I probably shouldn’t relate this story , but I and a associate had a meeting at NSA on a very delicate subject. When I worked for the Secretary of Defense, we had a high roller who was a tool maker at heart.
The Eastern Division, TCA, meet at York, Pa is the biggest meet in the world and is held twice a year. Mikey down from the City who always regales us with City stories of trains and his chums who do the military vehicles thing including full uniforms. Bob, who drives up from Florida to sell his trains in a parking lot- he is not a member altho his dad was.
We always parked at the same location so year after year, they knew where the truck was and where they could go.
I have never seen a train I didn’t like or missed a story connected with this wonderful hobby.
I moved the original model's side loading door to the rear, otherwise it is very true to the original plans published in the August 1952 issue of Toy Trains magazine.
I don’t know why and I certainly can’t do anything about it at my advanced age, but I never saw a toy train I didn’t want and still thrill at the entrance to a train show or a home with trains in it.
Daddy scraped money together and gave me an O gauge set Lionel set #859B for Christmas of 1941. Becker was a wonderful, understanding and patient man who really had his customers at heart. Becker always had the technical answers for me and never seemed to mind if I didn’t buy anything that day.
Went to the SAKAI factory outlet and worked my way to the factory for a visit with the president of the company.
The next Saturday, I found the antique section of Wiesbaden and bought my first Marklin (the lady store manager was certainly standard gauge which may have encouraged the sale).

It is easy to stay on base as they are fully equipped, and not to get to know the town and folks nearby.
I was honored to be an associate editor on the IVES standard gauge book and contributing editor on 8 other books. The original idea was to show running trains of all the different gauges operating in the same area. Santa now comes in his own sleigh and we have trains everywhere including in our caboose and encircling the station outside. Somewhere in the first several sentences of introduction to someone, I will mention my albatrosses.
I have traveled all over the world in the service of my country and am proud to have done so.
I have become such and it is a good feeling to be quoted worldwide as an authority in his field. We did have a collector who would take the Concorde in on Thursday, buy trains on Friday, fly back on the Concorde for a German meet on Sunday. As soon as our kids were old enough, they were allowed to go anywhere as long as they did not go thru a iron gate.
I have published many articles in their monthly magazine and done much recruiting for them. Sandy and I have been everywhere and met many interesting and special people because of the silly trains.
It had the 227 switcher, 2812 gondola, X2758 box, 2654 tank and lighted 2757X caboose, track and transformer. We got to know the military guards working the beach and ate at the Navy mess once in a while.
After a crash the Navy would come along looking for such parts, but I was faster and hid them. One evening when Dad was out on his rounds as an Air Warden (I still have his armband) a knock on the door revealed another warden upset as he could see a minor shaft of light from the dining room window.
Each meet was a plethora of surprises as we didn’t know this car came in red or we never had seen such and such. We certainly learned a great deal as we tried to be precise about the various construction methods and variations of the trains.
The station would charge a small amount for admission and the community could enjoy trains and scenery at Christmas time.
I asked for a potty break and told my techmate that we needed the fix this meeting and to go along with my game. I seen to be always doing new things and pushing my learning curve, so with the trains I wanted to stay with that subject and be a long time expert. As we approached the grassy spot where we always parked, I set the hand brake and ran before the truck stopped.
Every Saturday morning for years, Mother took me in the Philadelphia to hear the lecture at the National Academy of Science and afterwards a sandwich in the car (she always made tomato sandwiches for me which got very soggy).
Anyway, she was peddling a Russian set that she had just gotten thru the iron curtain in Berlin. My Colonel was wondering what was going on as the room was filling up with trains and I wasn’t even there yet.
Upon returning, I said that before we get back to business, I had a personal need and could you fellows be of help. I would declare that there is a train in my brief case and all the guards would come and look at it in the inspection machine. Sandy started yelling at me and turned to check her oldest son, and he was out the other door running to buy his kind of stuff. Kids are magic- several met each year and they all knew who was supposed to bring the soccer ball, and who to bring the Frisbee, etc. I was building a fully automated layout then in O and Standard gauge using a rack of used engine reversing units as track controllers. He and his wife have visited us throughout our career and she still sends a Christmas card. Off we went where I got in a fuss with a local who said I had to price my stuff right away.
This time we helped a senior citizen and her mother run her Daddy’s 1918 train for the first time.

I have a dear friend Jim, who tires easily of hearing about my trains, and when we meet a new person together and that person spikes on trains, Jim says oh, no, not another one and laughs heartily because he knows we got the new guy hooked. We call our selves “The Loco Doctors” and ever once in a while, someone asks if we know the meaning of Loco-I do and we are. Mother boxed it back up and went to Wriggins general store the next day and a Hafner windup set came home to play with me. However with a ton of Scotch tape and musledge we got us a rickety set that would only stand on the wobbly tracks.
You could count the hits as the bullets were painted different colors for different aircraft. I ended up writing the first definitive article on such entitled “The Russians are coming the Russians are coming.” Recently 3 other articles have been done, but the silver boots started it all. A call to a fellow listed in the TCA directory brought an invite to the next train show and a whole family of new friends. Throughout this beautiful hobby, I’ve always found local interest in trains and from there friendships develop.
A dealer was trying to sell a Russian train to my friend and he was showing a copy of my article on Russian trains as proof of what it was! The little fellow was squirming in Sandy’s arms as he wanted to go too and the truck was still moving. Somehow the paper train would not even stand right side up after that experience and was related to the back of the closet.
We had Navy fighters overhead all the time from Lakehurst Naval Air Station a few miles north of us. Somewhere after I joined the Air Force, the trains and the layout came down and waited for me throughout most of my Air Force career. Most of my career, the collection was small and the fact that I fooled with toy trains was not widely known. I told Sandy that this was a chance of the lifetime and that I had to buy all I possible could. When I told Sandy about the silver boots and Russian trains and how excited I was, my ears ran again for a different reason. You brought 5 boxes of trains stuffed vertically in whiskey boxes and $5 to a meet and you left with 5 boxes of different stuff and no bucks. And the little boy who needed a cookie from our Chaplain James in order to make it thru the day-special.
I said that I had a copy of the Russian train instructions and I wondered if anyone could read it for me. I suspect I could not do track, but I could wind up the loco and it pulled the cars everywhere.
Sometime in the late forties, Mother authorized me to use her sun room to build a big layout. One time Charles Baecker, the Chevy owner, took her and her dog to lunch as I was flat busted. It was fun to watch the fighters shoot at towed targets over the ocean and to practice dive bombing.
30 minutes later, after all had a copy of the catalog, we got back to a very successful meeting.
I also remember I was so proud, because at the famous Roseville flea market I had purchased a bucket of Lionel trains for 80 cents and he did not have any of those pieces.
Since he and his family have been friends across the ocean and shared special times together. I have learned a lot about trains and life since then and hope I have passed on the nice gesture of the warden to help others in difficult times. Through him we met Count Coulissi and visited his castle and wonderful train collection in Switzerland. All came into the train room to the show and listened to the talk of that year and see what progress had been made.
I could get 27 minutes of hands off automatic operation with 3 trains crossing each other and changing routes.

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