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Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. The American Flyer or Lionel Trains Already Up In the Attic – First question is, are they up there? On30 Trains – The prevalence of HO track combined with its small size spurred the development of On30, bigger O size trains on the narrow HO track. LEGO Trains – LEGO┬áhas had trains since 1966, but they have changed their specifications a number of times, most recently from 9V to RC.
The base of the Christmas tree is a space for toys, and electric trains are not merely toys, but toys that are animated with motion, light and sound. Well, if someone in your household was a parent or child in the 1950s, they almost certainly had toy trains.

They are usually steam era stock and have an appealing antique look, although they are not precisely to scale. For $200 or so, you get a high-quality toy that has stood the test of time, not to mention the perfect working ornament for the tree base.
Do you perhaps not feel the need to spend $200 for a train that you will only use for one month a year? You get to watch the locomotive pull the cars through a gradual left turn, than around a gradual right turn. Also, I think steam engines are more fun to watch than diesels, with the smoke coming out and the busy rods on the wheels. Here’s where it gets complicated, though: what electric trains do you use for this purpose, exactly?
The Emerald Night steam locomotive looks like a real steam engine, and it is scaled to all the other parts of the LEGO universe (similar to O gauge in model train world).

Battery powered G scale trains are available in many local toy stores, or get the Hershey from Walmart or the Polar Express from Amazon. They are big, the same scale as the G scale trains used in expensive garden railroads, so they are easy for children to handle and look impressive around the tree. They are slightly lacking in model train snob appeal, so hopefully you don’t know too many model train snobs.

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