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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. My Top 5 Skiing Spots in America RevealedTime to break out the skis, the boots, the sweaters and the ski jackets. My Top 10 Summer Getaways Around the World!With the official start of summer this Memorial Day weekend, are you looking for an out-of-the-ordinary summer escape, away from the crowds? My Top 10 Lakeside Hotels Around the WorldIs there anything as romantic as a beautiful hotel or lodge sitting right on a scenic lake? Europeans and Asians currently operate the fastest high speed trains in the world, regularly commuting on trains such as the Shanghai Maglev and Harmony CRH 380A. It runs on the 30.5km Shanghai Maglev Line, which is the first commercially operated high-speed magnetic levitation line, extending from Longyang Road Station of Metro Line 2 and ending at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.
Harmony CRH 380A, with maximum operational speed of 380kmph, is currently the second fastest operating train in the world. The electric multiple unit (EMU) set a record by speeding at 486.1kmph during its trial operation on the Shanghai-Hangzhou intercity high-speed railway in December 2010. The vibration free train was constructed by CSR Qingdao Sifang Locomotive & Rolling Stock. The train complies with the European TSI interoperability standard, which includes safety, reliability and availability, health, environmental protection and technical compatibility. Velaro E, designated as AVE S 103 in Spain, is the fastest series-production high-speed train in the world. The train was ordered by Spanish National Railways Renfe, and operates on the Barcelona-Madrid line. The design of the multiple-unit train was founded on the latest developments of the successful ICE 3 trainset designed for Deutsche Bahn.
Talgo 350, which initially entered service with the name RENFE AVE Class 10, achieved a maximum speed of 365kmph during its trial run. T350 was developed by Patentes Talgo (Tren Articulado Ligero Goicoechea Oriol) and manufactured by Patentes Talgo in collaboration with Bombardier Transportation. Commonly known as El Pato (meaning The Duck in Spanish), the train has been operating on the Madrid-Zaragoza-Lleida section of the Madrid-Barcelona line in Spain since 2005. E5 Series Shinkansen Hayabusa trains, which entered service in March 2011, with an initial maximum speed of 300km now run on the Tohoku Shinkansen Line with a maximum operating speed of 320kmph. The train was manufactured by Kawasaki Heavy Industry (KHI) and Hitachi, while East Japan Railway Company (JR East) is the operator. The train features full active suspension (FSA) system, which reduces the vibration of the moving bogies, and a 15m long nose which reduces the sound blast in tunnels.
Alstom-built Euroduplex is the third generation of TGV Duplex, which entered service in December 2011.
Euroduplex trains are designed to operate on French, German, Swiss and Luxembourgish rail networks. The trains in the TGV Duplex series mainly run on the TGV Mediterranee line between Paris and Marseille.
The cars are equipped with climate control and sound insulation, and feature ergonomic seats to provide maximum comfort.

The trains in the fleet are operated by Trenitalia and manufactured by TREno Veloce Italiano (TREVI), a consortium of Alstom, Bombardier and AnsaldoBreda. It operates at a speed of 300kmph reducing the journey time between the two cities from four hours to just 90 minutes.
The total investment for manufacturing the initial 30 trains in the series reached about NT$100bn ($3.4bn).
How is the evolution of mobile internet improving travel for rail passengers and operations for the companies that serve them? Shanghai Maglev, also known as Shanghai Transrapid, is currently the fastest train in the world. CRH 380A running between Beijing and Shanghai, was manufactured by CSR Qingdao Sifang Locomotive & Rolling Stock. AGV Italo, touted to be the most modern train in Europe, has a maximum operational speed of 360kmph. Ridership has tripled on the high speed AVE route between Madrid and Barcelona after the introduction of Velaro E. Talgo 350 has been operating on the Madrid-Zaragoza-Lleida section of the Madrid-Barcelona line since 2005. The Euroduplex very high speed train sets are intended for use on rail networks in France, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg.
TGV Duplex is the first train constructed by Alstom to feature upper and lower seating decks.
The travel times from Taipei and Kaohsiung have been reduced from four hours to just 90 minutes with the introduction of THSR 700T. 7: Trans-Siberian Express, Russia-This may be the world's longest railroad journey, from the onion-domed churches and massive government buildings of Moscow to the other-worldly landscapes of Vladivostok in Siberia - 5,600 miles, seven time zones, and seven days.
4: Peru Rail, Peru--Take the train running from Cusco to Machu Picchu, through the towering Andes. While these two currently hold all the records, other fast trains, such as the HEMU-400X, Zefiro 380 and Talgo Avril, are close contenders for the crown of world's fastest trains.
It operates from Beijing to Shanghai and provides daily service along Wuhan to Guangzhou route.
The trains in the series are touted to be the only double-decker, interoperable high-speed trains capable of running on European networks at 320kmph. The train is capable of transporting 1,020 passengers (multiple units), compared to TGV Duplex which transports about 512 passengers. They are equipped with traction systems adapted to different electric currents used across Europe.
The trains are designed for a maximum speed of 360kmph and currently run at 300kmph on high speed lines. Based on Kawasaki's 700 series Shinkansen trains, the 700T was the first Taiwanese rolling stock to import Japanese high speed rail technology. But have recent corruption allegations and growing concerns about the safety of the high-speed rail network cast a shadow that could prevent future progress of the projects?
It'll take you from the mountain station of Myrdal down to Flam, traveling alongside the Aurlandfjord the entire way.

Along the way you'll pass natural wonders like the Ural Mountains, Lake Baikal, and the Siberian tundra. Looking out the window, the Norway of travel posters comes alive, with deep gorges, dense-green forest, craggy peaks, and thundering waterfalls. Then you'll climb along the Urubamba River up toward jagged green peaks over 10,000-feet, and then toward 8,000-foot Machu Picchu. At Resurrection Bay you can connect to Kenai Fjords National Park, with whale-sighting cruises, sea kayaking, and dog sled rides.
6: The Blue Train, South Africa--Since 1946, it's transported the privileged few through the mountains, deserts, savannahs and veldts between Pretoria, Cape Town, and Durban. With every mile, you'll be getting closer to a true "Bucket List" item and to the mysterious Inca city discovered by explorer Hiram Bingham in 1911.
Personal butlers see to your every need, and each suite has a video monitor allowing you to see exactly what the engineer is seeing. 3: The Rocky Mountaineer, Canada--This train-with huge viewing windows--offers spectacular two-day journeys through the Canadian Rockies, between Vancouver and Banff or Jasper. Because on this ride into the Old West, you almost expect to see Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid galloping atop the surrounding ridges. 5: Venice-Simplon Orient Express, Britain, France, Italy--Any train called "Orient Express"-even if it's not the original--has to be included in a Top Ten list. You'll glide past the plains and mountains of Alberta and the snow-capped peaks and rainforests of British Columbia. This train has beautifully-restored coaches from the early-20th Century, traveling between London, Paris, Innsbruck, Verona, and Venice, with occasional trips to Rome, Krakow, Budapest and Istanbul.
And you'll sample the chic, multi-ethnic urban fun of seaside Vancouver as well as the take-your-breath-away mountains and colors of Banff and Jasper. You'll be winding through deep, rugged canyons in Colorado's San Juan National Forest, on a narrow-gauge train with a coal-fired, steam-powered engines--exactly the way that miners, cowboys, settlers (and bandits) did. You'll go over 196 bridges, through 55 tunnels, and around more spectacular switchbacks than you can count. These are: Fundsmith Equity, Fidelity Index Japan, Old Mutual UK Mid Cap and Lindsell Train UK Equity, whose top ten holdings are shown below.
Those who did not reinvest the income would have turned the A?10,000 into A?35,300 – a return based purely on the increase in share price.
The fund charge Look for the ongoing charge figure (OCF), a better, albeit not perfect, representation of how much the fund costs each year. Ignore the annual management charge (AMC), this is not a true reflection of how much the fund costs. Higher charges are a significant handicap, ensuring that such trackers' performance lags the market.

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