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Funny, I never see Muslim or Jewish religious definitions, words, or traditions attacked, just Christ and Christianity. Thomas the Tank Engine has been accused of joining the politically correct bandwagon after Christmas was written out of one of his adventures.
The team behind the much-loved children’s TV series has angered campaigners by setting a story during the ‘winter holidays’.
Even Christmas trees have been axed in an episode of the DVD, Little Engines, Big Days Out, and are instead referred to as decorated trees. Critics say the omission was particularly strange because the original Thomas books, hugely popular around the world, were written by a clergyman, the Reverend Wilbert Awdry.
Ann Widdecombe, the former Government Minister and convert to Roman Catholicism, said it was ‘extra ridiculous’ not to mention Christmas in a children’s story as youngsters would be anticipating the special day for months in advance.

In the episode called Keeping Up With James, there are references to ‘winter holidays’ but no mention of the word Christmas.
In the story, red engine James is anxious to beat the other engines to finish a series of jobs because he wants to win the privilege of distributing children’s presents.
The narrator says the Fat Controller, the rotund manager of the railways system on the fictional island of Sodor, tells the trains that when the lines are clear of snow he will need an engine ‘to take the presents to the holiday party’ – an apparent reference to a Christmas celebration.
At one point, James pulls into a station where children are singing carols and decorating a Christmas tree with shiny baubles. Wearing a familiar hat and armed with his trusty plow, this Really Useful Engine and his festive freight cars deliver winter fun to one and all.Thomas Is Hauling The Sodor Holiday Tree And Wont Let A Little Snow Stand In His Way.
Thomas is carrying a fir tree as narrator Michael Angelis says: ‘Thomas is pulling a special tree.

It was not a seasonal release specifically aimed at a Christmas audience, but we do put out seasonal releases that have Christmas in the title. Wearing A Familiar Hat And Armed With His Trusty Plow, This Really Useful Engine And His Festive Freight Cars Deliver Winter Fun To One And All. Includes Thomas The Tank Engine With Plow, Holiday Hat And Moving Eyes, An Open Wagon With Tree, A Candy Cane Tank Car And A Decorated Coach.

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