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Dear BachmannAre you planning on updating your HO Thomas, Percy and James models that you made back in 2002?
Just so you all know, there are only few changes in the large scale, and mostly because it larger, making it easier too add that little more detail. Look, Im as much hoping for an update to happen as you are, but looking at this from a realistic standpoint, its not going to happen. News: Check out the photo gallery link above or >click hereto see photos of recently announced products!
One thing that always drove me nuts about Bachmann's James is the fact of how big and bulky he is. Yes me too, James never really captured the sleek train he realy is, he is too boxy.Hopefully they can fix that. Notice how compared to the HO Annie, Clarabel, and Troublesome Trucks the buffers are in slightly different spots, likely to accommodate the scale.
In accordance with the TVS, he should not be taller than Gordon, and he should basically be Edward's size, especially his width, which contributes to the problem of his buffers not being placed close enough to the outer edge of his running plate. As for the paint changes, I am sticking to the fact that the updates would not be beneficial from a selling standpoint. I think revisions of this model, if they should decide to revise any, James first TF247, is Edward your fav.
Even if they did have an open cab, and granted, your right that Duck has an open cab, and is only slightly larger, it would raise the cost of the engine substantially because they would need people to cut the molds and buy more detailed molds.

I think people find this to be a shame because the new models have amazing quality (the best of any Thomas merchandise produced, in my opinion) yet the most famous engines, and thus the most commonly bought, are poor representations of how decent the Bachmann Thomas range really is. I think it's time for Bachmann to bring their main three engines back from the ground up with the latest technology!The best part about this is the problem is already halfway solved.
Henry, Gordon, Edward, Spencer, Emily, Donald and Douglas already have open cabs.The unreliable, annoying to disassemble chassis should be enough reason for Bachmann to redo the models to give the public one that is truly representative of their new products.
The tooling (which in this era, usually is first designed digitally if I recall correctly) already exists, so it would just need to be scaled down to the proper scale, have a new chassis designed, and make sure the buffers and height line up with Bachmanns other HO stock. If people want these revisions to happen, then demand needs to increase, because money talks. Even Hornby has changed their Thomas' face a few times, and Percys mold got updated at one point to hide the ex-wind up parts. If the market is made aware of new versions of Thomas, Percy and James, then it influences people to buy the newer versions, even those who have the current Thomas, Percy and James will surely want one that has a better hauling power and more accurate to the show!
You keep focusing on this one little cab thing, but not focus on my main points, such as a powerful efficient chassis.
An open cab is such a small minor, optional point that I only brought out other examples because you said it wasn't possible to do in OO.
They're all in CGI too, so any of these engines would go nicely with Bachmanns increasingly CGI rolling stock. I didn't even assume that they would have an open cab in OO, since no other non-tender engines have, until you brought up the possibility.

The reason I've categorized them all into one number is because they all pretty much have the same reasoning. Hiro starred in a special, and Charlie and Whiff both have had a few starring roles in new episodes (even more I think than Spencer did at the time of the release of his Bachmann model!). Revisions means an entirely new, revised model of Thomas, Percy and James that takes nothing from its previous versions. Just remove Diesels ladders and a few other front details Arry and Bert don't have, repaint the bodies, and change the face. They're now commonly filled with scrap, but ideally could be filled with anything if made in HO. A very unique freight car, and iconic of the Thomas and Friends franchise to frequent watchers. Considering Harold and Berties current prices, I think Trevor and Butch would price nicely at $25. Both have already appeared in the CGI series, and while Butch has been getting regular appearances in the show, Trevor has been around much longer and is widely recognized as part of the franchise.

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