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December 8, 2013 by Jessica Petersen 13 Comments Once you have a basic wooden train set, the next direction you’ll want to take your layout is probably going to be up.
Another option for track supports that’s bound to stimulate creativity are the new block platforms from Dreamup Toys. Spiral tracks are really fun elements to add to a train layout, though I rarely build ours in the spiral configuration. We also sometimes use our HABA wooden building blocks as bridge supports, like we did to make Blondin Bridge from Blue Mountain Mystery.
If you have access to a 3D printer, check out my husband’s collection of train-related designs on Thingiverse for some supports you can print. Thomas and Belle to the Rescue Set: For a plastic bridge, this one looks pretty nice, and it stays together well. Travel Switching Set (Brio): This comes with a cute red bridge and an elevated, two-level station.
Tidmouth Timber Company Deluxe Figure 8 Set (Thomas): This set has a nice-looking hill that can be arranged in a couple of different ways.
King of the Railway Set (Thomas): This set recreates Ulfstead Castle from King of the Railway, with another track platform and a really interesting sliding ascending track feature. Treasure at the Mine Play Set (Thomas): This set, intended for playing out the end of King of the Railway, has an interesting bump track going up and into the mine. Brio Deluxe Railway Set: This is a huge set, but amazing, and could well set you up with all the wooden train stuff you need for an entire childhood. Track supports that have wood or plastic that comes up alongside the track that rests on it work better than the plain block-style supports. If you can’t avoid having the tracks held up by track supports, look for track supports that come up the sides of the track to help keep them in place. Related PostsAlternatives to Gluing Wooden Train Tracks to a Train TableWooden Train Roundhouses and Engine Sheds — The Play Trains! Love that I am not the only one that has resorted to duct tape to keep those upper track pieces in place! Thank you so much for this post, I think I read it twice Now I need to find a 3D printer because we absolutely have to have those Duplo-to-wooden train track adapters!
Belle is a brave blue engine and part of the Search and Rescue Team. She has large water cannons to fight fires as well as a big, brass bell.

Wooden train bridges, mountains, and other elevated track features turn a train layout into an exciting, hands-on experiment in physics. I’ve carefully picked these products with an eye for avoiding that (those with their names in bold are ones we have experience with, the others I can judge pretty well from the photos at this point). If you click on one, we will receive a small commission — at no additional cost to you — on anything you buy at Amazon for a certain length of time afterwards. Even the track supports for the ascending tracks going up to the bridge are of a kind that holds onto the tracks better It takes two ascending tracks to get up to the top of this bridge, so it may not be an easy one to fit on a train table. Thanks to the lever-operated drawbridge, it requires interaction with the bridge whether the train is going over or under it.
However, these bridges are very low, and most other brands of wooden trains won’t fit under them easily. Each set comes with three stable, stacking track supports with short pieces of track built in, and they work wonderfully. A track for wooden trains runs down the middle of each platform, which can be combined with interlocking blocks to build any height of track your child can imagine. My favorite is the Thomas spiral set that the Little Engineer got for Christmas a couple of years ago, but unfortunately all the Thomas sets that included spirals are retired — you might try searching on eBay. This is an excellent set for kids who like passenger trains, because unlike most wooden passenger trains, the passengers can actually go in the coaches. There is one part of the elevated section that rests on track supports, but they have high sides to hold the track in place, so they’d be better than most. Set (Thomas): Here is yet another new Thomas set with a platform, but this one has a warehouse and cargo drop incorporated into it. You can also make a tape loop to stick the tracks to a track support, or even to your plywood.
At least, it does when it doesn’t actually make the connection too tight when using track from different brands. If the connection between the ascending track and the bridge simply rests on a plain rectangular block-style wooden track support, it will slide around and possibly fall apart. This kind of bridge stays up okay if directly bumped, but comes apart as the tracks in the layout around it shift around during play.
I know this is a problem that pretty much everyone has with wooden train tracks, so I’m so happy to finally have written my advice down.

At least, we still use all of the stuff from our Imaginarium train table, even though the table is long gone (it still was in good condition when my mom sold it). While playing trains for the last four years, my Little Engineer and I have had a lot of fun and learned so much together. Unfortunately, Amazon raised the price by $10 right after I bought ours, so don’t buy them for that price ($24).
Plus you can build on top of the platforms as well — so much potential for creativity! We also own the Timber Log Spiral Set (Imaginarium), and it’s a little more challenging to put together, but over all a really fun set. The cargo holds close up when you drop freight into them, and open when the magnetic crane lifts them up again. While that could be an aesthetic choice if the trains were coming from somewhere like Maple Landmark, it feels more like a cost cutting choice to me. I'm excited to share our discoveries with other people who have kids who love trains in their lives. You can search for a better price elsewhere, or try these similar BRIO Stacking Track Supports. We have some on the way from the company, and we can’t wait to break out our DUPLO blocks and test them out.
The Construction Train Set (Bigjigs) is another spiral set from a good brand that looks like it would be a lot of fun, especially if you have a train fan who also loves construction vehicles. We’ve also used it to hold wooden building blocks to track and to each other in order to use them as track supports without having the fall over every two seconds. Unfortunately, when you buy a train set with a tall bridge or mountain, they usually give you only enough track to connect everything up, which often means very tight curves at the bottom of the slopes. Update: I just was reminded that Bigjigs also makes a High Level Track Expansion pack that can be built in a spiral.
However, a lot of people order the M&D sets, and a lot of people seem perfectly happy with them.

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