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Northwest Short Line took one of the most useful tools (the original Chopper) and made it even better.
For longer life and more rigid action than the original with premium all metal base and handle. The tool itself is all metal except for the cutting mat and it’s footprint is a small 7”x7” (18cm x 18cm) so it shouldn’t take too much space on the already crowded workbench.
Photo and Build Features from our Military Modelling Magazine website members and contributors including lots of pages of articles from previous Military Modelling magazines. By using the stops that come with it making duplicate cuts is very easy, allowing for large numbers of identical pieces to be cut quickly. The mat is manufactured to be repositioned as it wears and can be easily replaced as needed.

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The swing arm holding the blade is in the middle leaving you with about 3 inch of working area both sides.
You can buy some replacement already of the right size from NWSL or simply buy a regular one from a store and cut it to fit. Caboose Lighting WebmasterSanta Returns to the SLHRS 2015 Winter Open House & Train Show WebmasterNew Clinic! It also features a rigid aluminum handle and base, miter guides for 30, 45, 60 and 90 angles and a safety stop.
In the sturdy box you’ll find the Chopper II, two mitre guides, three replacement screw for the blade holder and a small instruction sheet.

Those blades are extremely sharp and great care should be taken when using the tool or replacing the blade.
The mitre guide is firmly held and shouldn’t move unless the user put excessive pressure on it. But before doing this remember that you can rotate it one quarter turn at a time and then flip it to the other side and repeat.
While it’s ok for normal operation I found you don’t have a lot of room when it come to replace the blade.

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