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The 52-6 welded 70-ton drop-end gondola car as produced by ACF is the third all-new model in our HO scale product line. Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) class O-59A in the original 1940 paint scheme with white stencils including the "Capitol Dome" on a black carbody.Tangent Scale Models is pleased to now offer the 52-6 riveted 70-ton drop-end gondola car as designed and produced by Bethlehem Steel. Exact fonts and lettering placement - compare our replicas to the prototype photos on our website!
This also has coupler lift bars accompany Kadee scale couplers and sufficient hidden weights to ensure the replica operates as good as it looks, including a prototypical coal load to simulate machine loadings, and highly accurate "true to life" colors. Louisville & Nashville (LN) "Original Black" available in 12 new road numbers.These distinctive 100-ton quad hoppers match the Union Pacific specification and were built by Bethlehem Steel in the 1970s. Tangent also makes a model of the PS-2CD 4740 and 4750 cars.These cars have a weight capacity of 100 tons. The high-mounted hand brake wheel and connecting linkage is some of the finest I've ever seen.

Similar to the SD40-2, Pullman-Standard began production of the 4750 covered hopper in 1972 and was the most popular seller within its peer group with more than 56,000 cars produced (not including thousands of clones from other builders and railroads).
With their high weight but mid-sized capacity makes the cars well suited for a variety of loads including phosphates, grains, dried chemicals and other bulk commodities.Many of the cars remained in service for up to forty years - long enough to see service into this century. From the fine detail on the roof walk and hatches down to the hangers for the coupler cut levers, This car is packed with fine detail. They are a nice touch.Operations and EnhancementsThe car comes equipped with metal wheels and metal scale knuckle couplers from the factory.
The 4750 followed upon the successful "high hip" design of one of Pullman's earlier designs, the 4740 covered hopper, also offered by Tangent Scale Models. Over that time, many changed hands through sale or merger leaving lots of modeling options.DetailsRather than list all of the fine details this model has, perhaps it would be easier to list the things they lack. Although some of the added details are plastic, the most fragile have been thoughtfully made from wire.It is hard to single out any specific detail that stands above the rest.

The color on the CSX samples I purchased for this review is a nice match with similar cars in service. Besides PRR, several other railroads also purchased these gondolas from ACF, and some former PRR cars were purchased second-hand by various railroads. When Pullman ceased production of 4750s in 1981, the amassed fleet was the largest covered hopper fleet of any of builder, and was one of the most prolific productions of a singular design during any era.
With that in mind, a little weathering will go a long way towards enhancing the features already found on the model.

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