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Diese Webseite verwendet Cookies, um Inhalte und Anzeigen zu personalisieren und Zugriffe zu analysieren. The layout I'm building is a double-track oval (as that's all that was supplied in the promo pack I received).
I've built layouts in most of the "common" scales over the years, so just had to try this one.
I started adding Busch foliage (flora fleece) as ground cover rather than use scatter or turf materials as I originally intended.
The backscene is made from 1:450 scale paper buildings (pdf) which I laminated and cut out. Keywords: Projects, Coffee, Table, Model, Railway, T, Gauge, Rolling, Stock, P1010937, T, Gauge, vs, N, Gauge.
The biggest thing about T gauge is that everything is only available thru a single manufacturer and only thru a handful of LHSs, 99% of which are located in Japan.
As already noted, you're also limited to only one manufacturer in Japan for T Gauge equipment, so prices are going to naturally be considerably higher than for any other scale. So-called T gauge would be garden railway fodder for most people - so a loop around a larger-scale house might work.
Before the advent of T-gauge, Z scale used to be the smallest working model railroad system in the world. I am afraid the same fate will be up for T gauge, not only because of the limited availability and variety. T-gauge will in my opinion remain a niche product, a technical gimmick for people, who´d like to try something new.

I saw some T gauge stuff at a recent show in Hazel Grove(Stockport),and was fascinated by how tiny it all was. I tried cutting my own inserts for between the rails, but ended up using Slater's styrene strip, gently curved to match the track. They are intended to be assembled like a card kit, but I think they are too flimsy on ordinary paper.
I've been constantly building small scenic pieces out of foam that I bought from the Hardware store. Marklin introduced it in the early 1970´s to fight dwindling sales of their mainstream product, which failed to attract the younger folks back into the hobby shops. There is a sheet of Japanese road markings in the pack I received, so I made sure there was a variety of roads to make use of this. So far I have my N Gauge circular christmas layout almost done but with the extra pieces some ideas have come to mind.I looked online and it seems that there are very few layouts for sale, or not as many as I expected. Since the early days, Z scale has developed into something serious, but still lacks a broad supplier base. Other than Marklin, there is only one more source offering locos and rolling stock, if we neglect the limited range offered by Tenshodo in the Japanese market.
It wasn’t really what I had originally intended but I built a T Gauge layout inside a briefcase and called it “Briefleigh”.John’s story was a reminder of my thinking when I built the layout. I deliberately used trees and bushes sparingly so as not to dominate the scene and distract viewers from the overall appearance of the layout. When the flocking was applied I left bare areas, again randomly, to depict a more earthy landscape.The buildings, bridge supports and tunnel portals are all made from card.

The larger industrial looking building is a model of enough of the museum for viewers at the show to recognise it as such. I can see where I did wrong by trying to make small N-Scale layouts with too much scenery and trying to put too much is a small space. Your briefcase layout is a good example to model from and have a lot of fun with a small scale. The trouble is there isn’t much T-Gauge available where I live in the States, and Z-Scale is priced outrageously high. John Reply Hans-Georg Brunner says:Hi Ken, your layout in the briefcase is a very good alternative for the layout I?m panning, and then there is definitely something. They sell it as a tool case, and some cosmetic suppliers sell it as a cosmetics case for about four times the price. It comes with six adjustable areas inside and my little layout just sits on top of the dividers.
Being just a single loop of track its not really a layout, and its unlikely that I will be adding any more track.

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