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The 104 was built in April 1950 as the L&N 2271 and she kept that number for her entire life on the L&N. This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account. In December 1983, the Vandalia Railroad became to be on 3.5 miles of old abandoned tracks of the Illinois Central in Vandalia, Illinois. It was later returned to the Mopac and then rebuilt at Omaha on October 30, 1984, as UP 1269.

After the purchase, the 2271 kept her number and sported a solid grey paint scheme with white lettering. In the mean time, Pioneer brought in an Alco switcher to handle the switching while the 2271 was gone. A few months later the 2271 returned back to the railroad sporting a new shiny yellow and black paint scheme and she had been renumbered to the 104. Today that shiny yellow and black paint scheme is not so shiny and she spends most of her time parked next to the railroads offices located in an old Illinois Central interlocking tower in downtown Vandalia.

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