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The MTA recently released this video showcasing the 1930s tech that is still used to run the trains at the West 4th Street Tower. Nasa Astronaut Scott Kelly is coming home tonight after spending the last 340 days in space aboard the ISS. One wouldn’t think that digging through dirt and sand for a living would be that exciting. In 2015 more than 40 million people used Airbnb to house there travels for a wide spread variety of time. A few days ago, Andres Ruzo released his findings of a four mile-long river in the Amazon that was so hot it boiled.

Happy Presidents Day, a day when we look back at the great men who have led this country over the last 240 years. About UsThe Roosevelts are group of gents producing content that inspires, educates and entertains.
We're officially sick, and our sickness has created in us the habit of journaling during our trips so we can remember the details years later when we've gotten old and our synapses don't work as well. Much of the tech has been abandoned by the rest of the industry, meaning New York City has no outside help to rely on when things go wrong. At just under a full year, the astronaut has set the record for the longest lasting space flight ever by an American.

Try buying enough food for 6,000 passengers and 2,200 crew members for a week-long voyage to the Caribbean. Yeah, sometimes you’ll stumble upon fossilized dinosaur droppings or a┬álong lost civilization, but most of the time I feel like archeologists are just kicking dirt around in the name of science. The deal rejuvenated a plan that had been delayed for about three years.Guess who has signed 10-year deals with Transit Wireless for use of its networks in the subway stations?

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