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April 11, 2013 By A new report commissioned by New York City has resurrected the idea of extending the subway’s 7 train to Secaucus Junction. A 47-page report posted on New York City’s Economic Development Corp website on Wednesday highlights  the benefits of such an extension, including direct access from New Jersey to the west side of Manhattan and Queens. The extension would be a tremendous asset to Secaucus commuters, who could access nearly any area of Manhattan and Queens from Secaucus Junction. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg supported the plan last year after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie cancelled the ARC tunnel project, which was estimated to be $1 billion over budget.

The MTA is behind a different plan that involved building a $13.5 billion “Gateway Tunnel” that would accommodate many more trains during peak hours. It could also bring in more potential residents who would have more direct access to more areas of the city. But then-MTA chairman Joe Lohta said a year ago that it wouldn’t happen “…in anybody’s lifetime.” Lohta is now a candidate to become Bloomberg’s successor for the New York City mayorship.
However, the 7 train extension could co-exist with the proposed tunnel, according to the report commissions by New York City.

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