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The New York City Subway is a rapid transit system owned by the City of New York and leased to the New York City Transit Authority, a subsidiary agency of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and also known as MTA New York City Transit. When the IRT subway debuted in 1904, the typical tunnel construction method was cut-and-cover. As all urban exploration enthusiasts know, there are hidden wonders all around us – particularly in rich metropolitan landscapes like New York City. The City Hall station was meant to be the crown jewel in the city’s new subway system. Using an unusually luxurious style of architecture along with colored glass tilework, beautiful skylights and dignified brass chandeliers, the station was undoubtedly unique. By 1945, only around 600 people per day were being served by the elegantly appointed station. Rather than undertaking a very costly renovation of the station which was hardly used by the public, the city decided to close it down.
Recently, the MTA changed the rules to allow passengers to ride through the gorgeous City Hall station. On May 11, 2012, we officially opened the newly rebuilt and improved Far Rockaway-Mott Av terminal on the A line. For the first time ever, the MTA has made a regional public transportation map for New York and New Jersey. It includes Manhattan's subway lines, as well as New Jersey Transit, Amtrak, and PATH trains between Manhattan and New Jersey.
For out-of-towners staying in Manhattan and using public transportation to get to the game, it will come in handy.
For New Yorkers, it's a cool new take on the plain old subway map, at least the Manhattan portion of it. Commuting for the typical New Yorker is perhaps one of the most hectic things to do during the day. Don’t worry about losing signal along your way because these apps work offline too – in tunnels and underground. With NYCMate you can access all of New York’s major subway, bus and commuter transit system  maps and timetables, offline and underground. NextTrain, which provides information on real time train arrival for all of the NYC subway lines. An easy way to get railroad schedules and train times for Metro North train and subway stations  is with this brilliant, free Android application. Metro North Schedule works offline and allows you to keep a record of all your favorite trips and stations for quick access. This app offers high-resolution maps for New York City’s bus, railroad, and ferry connections.

Each route has a color and a local or express designation representing the Manhattan trunk line of the particular service.
The City Hall subway stop is well-known to NYC history buffs, but until now it hasn’t been easy to catch a glimpse of this unique bit of New York. It was opened in 1904 as the southern terminal of the Manhattan Main Line (which is now part of the IRT Lexington Avenue Line). Although it was the focus of the subway system groundbreaking ceremony in 1904, City Hall station eventually fell into disuse. As the trains grew longer and added doors in the middle of the cars, the City Hall platforms were no longer suitable. Although the station is still closed to passengers, you can get a glimpse of the former glory of this interesting piece of New York history by sitting back and relaxing while the number 6 makes it loop. The sparkling, steel and glass, state-of-the art transit facility includes "Respite," a new glass panel artwork by Jason Rohlf made in jewel-toned colors from original paintings.
Even though there are quite a few out there, some are lacking the detail or accuracy to help you during your trip. Keeping track of the subway schedules and knowing the ins and outs of the stops can be a pain. Whether you’re a tourist, frequent visitor or a New Yorker, you will be happy and relieved to have these apps by your side. This app shows you real time subway and bus times to keep you current and up-to-date with the respective schedules.
You can also receive updates and train schedules – transfers and connections via SMS right to your Android phone. There are maps for all five boroughs of New York City, all of which you will have to upload through the app’s ‘Download Maps Now’ button when you launch the app for the first time. Also get live updates on the MTA subway services as well as details about planned work during regular schedules plus delays, cancellations and so on. In 2011, the subway delivered over 1.640 billion rides, averaging over five million (5,284,295 rides) on weekdays, over three million (3,033,660 rides) on Saturdays, and over two million (2,367,261 rides) on Sundays.
Located beneath the public area in front of City Hall, the station has always been considered the most beautiful in the city. In the following decades, the station was still used as a loop station for the number 6 train, although passengers were forced to get off at the Brooklyn Bridge station just before the train passed through City Hall. The artwork dramatically diffuses the light inside to create a richly saturated interior space. Get the best assistance and convenience for easy subway station sourcing, schedule tracking, plus route updates and more. Users can look up scheduled times at stations along the Hudson, Harlem and New Haven lines in no time.

You can select as many or as few maps you want and download them all at once with this intelligent feature.
The maps are color coded to show major and minor routes, stations, stops, points of interests etc.
All maps are well labeled to show all the stations along specific routes to better plan your trips. The work can be seen throughout the station as well as from outside, adding visual impact to the existing architecture. Well, it's time to face your inhibitions, take travel to the next level and tour the city on time with the best NYC subway apps on your Android phone.
You will see these maps have timetables for Metro North, Long Island Railroad, New Jersey Transit and so on. Simply enter the location of the station you want to depart from and find out the times of the next 12 departures, plus the status and track numbers of those departures. This app utilizes key functions of the phone to perform multi-touch, pinch to zoom capabilities on maps or you can double tap to zoom in and tap once to zoom out.
For the ultimate convenience, these maps are fully scalable plus you can get step-by-step instructions to enjoy full routing. The J train normally operates local, but during rush hours it is joined by the Z train in the peak direction. Since this application works offline, each map will have to be preloaded to your smartphone first. Additionally, there are integrated quick links to the MTA’s online route details and home screen shortcuts customization for any map or quick link. It doesn’t require any Internet connection so you can retrieve travel information even when you are in places with no service. So be sure to download the maps you will need before going underground or to areas with no service. Also get the routes and time for each stop and ultimately the time between these stops, plus much more. There is a built in search engine to speed up this process and makes traveling that much easier.

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