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The brand’s franchise holder is CJ Bak, a Director at Liberty Eagle who plans to open at least two outlets by  the end of this year and is eyeing locations in Westlands, Kilimani, Gigiri and Upperhill amongst others. The Kenyan hotel and restaurants sector is estimated to have grown by about 5.9 percent on average over the past three years. In a recent interview with How we made it in Africa, Bak said that he plans to differentiate the brand in the country by taking a more sophisticated approach to pricing and by utilising value campaigns.
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Subway is an American fast-food franchise that primarily sells submarine sandwiches and salads.

Just as a side note, this reminds me of a kid that was on one of my son’s baseball teams a few years ago.
Please note only assistance dogs are permitted in the mall areas and stores of Dalton Park.
If he can take out this one advertiser, Green wins — he’s the Big Dog and, presumably, he gets more consulting clients. Below is a full guide to Locations in and around Birmingham, All with Direct Dial and Hyperlink Facility to browse full Menu’s, Offers, and Deals. We then expect to open at least two more this year with a goal of 20 stores over seven years,” he told Business Daily Africa recently.

If you're walking through an unfamiliar city, you can likely find one within a 10-block radius (which can be easily located by Subway's iconic "fresh-baked" bread smell). According to him, the brand’s strategy is to offer affordable menu options for middle class Kenyans.

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