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Mikeabono saidA¬†he started researching the city's best coffee shops using articles, blogs, Yelp, Google, and Zagat reviews, trying to avoid duplicates. He also enlisted the help of his friends, and on the weekends tried to find out what type of equipment and beans were used at each shop to help determine quality. MTA is the government organization that runs all of New York City’s Public Transportation.

They have all the information you need to know about Metrocards (the card you need to pay and use the subway). There is a New York City Street Map and subway map posted on the wall of almost every subway station, so you can always check on your way in or out. If there is someone at the ticket booth, they also have a free foldable map for you to carry.Is the Subway Safe?Since 2005, New York City has had the lowest crime rate of the 25 largest US cities (check more interesting facts about New York City). Stations such as Union Square or Times Square are pretty much safe all the time and have the most frequent trains.

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