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This website uses IntenseDebate comments, but they are not currently loaded because either your browser doesn't support JavaScript, or they didn't load fast enough. I happen to love the design, would like to see this piece of modern art happen, and if not, then I hope Kick will make prints available for sale…Reminds me of cool 70s rainbow patterns on TV!
It is silly for the MTA to complain about geographical inaccuracy – after all, they once had the Vignelli map as their official map.
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Mental stress: Riding a bike in city traffic, especially in the rain, is much more mentally stressful than the riding the subway. Physical stress: If you have foot problems that make walking difficult, note that the subway route requires significant walking, including stairs, so I had to wear comfortable walking shoes.
Speaking of water main breaks, here’s my video of the break that almost kept us from using the subway.
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As far as creative takes on New York City subway maps go, I’m a pretty accepting guy.
Underlying all of this is INAT, a set of guidelines Cerovic developed to help him design maps that are easy to read and memorize. I think the map could be a pretty good map if the geography wasn’t so ridiculously distorted. At first I thought that was a fantasy subway map that neglected southern Brooklyn but then I read on to discover what an abomination it is. I think like Max Roberts who has produced a number of alternative maps that people do need two types of maps to be readily available one which is primarily geographical for example the current New York map and one which is more like a circuit diagram such as the classic London map or the Vignelli map?
Speaking personally I favour the circuit diagram approach but I understand and respect the utility of the geographically correct variant.
Personally I think New York should have a map which displays the other rail services as well such as Metro North, LIRR, PATH etc.
Metro North the LIRR etc are all part of the rail based transit offering and preferably there should be a map showing g all of these in addition to the subway lines.
Max Roberts, a psychologist at the University of Essex (UK), is the only person who seems to be approaching this in a scientific and objective manner. Once thing is clear – contrary to what Jug Cerovic would like to believe, one size does not fit all. This nyc map is obviously flawed (biggest issue is a lack of complete station information!) but his goal is right on: a universal transit vocabulary. I do have to say that for all its flaws this schematic makes the tangle of intersecting lines in downtown Brooklyn more legible to me than any other map I’ve seen.
Also, see the Central Park West trains; the spacing between the colored lines makes it hard to tell how many lines are there, five or four.
This should succeed the Tauranac map as the NYC standard, and should be used for all American cities’ transit systems.
Why blast this map as geographically inexact, but laud the Vignelli map even though it’s … geographically inexact?
I have always liked maps to be detail-oriented and information-laden and if this map is a bit off with the geography, I’ll accept it.
The compromise between showing the network and showing the geography is impossible with a system like ours. I’m both a subway enthusiast and a graphic designer, but for some reason I find this map very hard to look at. And honestly, it’s just ugly in general, what with it arbitrarily changing route colors as it pleases.
The problem with this map is that it’s a pure, 100% schematic, but it retains a few geographical features. I seriously doubt people would like how this map is laid out in relation to NYC’s actual layout. Overall the horrible distortion of this map makes it a big Fail as far as I’m concerned. But the real tragedy of this map is it truly makes you aware that Manhattan kinda look like a penis and Queens is the ballsac of the city.
Looks like one of those fantasy maps fans produce, with all sorts of new lines added everywhere. Seriously though, rather than insist on having one map describe our system, shouldn’t there ALWAYS be a stylized graphic depiction AND a geographically accurate inset to supplement it?
With 24 lines and 468 stations, it is easy to see why so many people ride the New York City Subway. The NYC subway currently uses a MetroCard system that requires passengers to a pay their fare at a vending machine or station booth. One of the advantages to taking the subway is that it can get you anywhere you want to go in New York. Every station that you visit for the subway is going to have a 500 to 600 feet long platform where passengers can catch their trains. Majority of the subway stations were built before the Americans with disabilities Act was passed, so they were not very accessible to people with disabilities. One of the most interesting features of the NYC subway is the entertainment that is provided.
Many people that live in New York rely on the subway system as their sole mean of transportation because of how urbanized New York is.
Vignellia€™s now-classic New York City subway map was first introduced in 1972, following his work on the signage system in the late 1960s. We spoke with Paul Shaw, author of Helvetica and the New York Subway System, back in February on the topic. In 1979, Vignellia€™s linear map was replaced with a moreA traditional-style topographical map. All New York subway maps have tried to convey all the information on a single map, with the result of making semantic overlaps, and a very fragmented and visually unpleasant map. This summer, New York Citya€™s Metropolitan Transportation Authority unveiled its first major subway map redesign in over a decade.A Is todaya€™s new subway map the Holy Grail? New York-based design duo David Heasty and Stefanie Weigler of Triboro Design make it worka€”and they do it all in one single color.
One goal was to try to make the landmasses and geography more true to life than the current MTA map and establish a stronger sense of typographic hierarchya€¦ Initially we tried making the subway lines very stronga€”which is a typical feature of most subway mapsa€”but this made the map extremely difficult to decipher. As beautiful (and functional) as this map is, ita€™s not likely to replace the official MTA map anytime soon.
The Kick Map is designed to get more people to ride New York City's subway systema€¦ A well-designed map not only welcomes and empowers novices to use the subway but also encourages additional use for regular a€?home-to-work-onlya€™ commuters to use the subway for recreational destinations where they might otherwise take a car. Jabboura€™s map even caught the (brief) attention of the MTA in 2007, but was soon dismissed for being geographically inaccurate. It gives a sufficient guide to location without getting overcomplicated – which the MTA one does in downtown Manhattan.

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But if something halts the line, like a water main break, it can be long walk to an alternate line. As The Atlantic Cities’ Jenny Xie explained, Cerovic has tried to come up with a design that can be applied across the world and is both easy to read and easy to memorize.
But Cerovic says he tried to make each map very different through overarching symbolic shapes. I see why you might want to pick a universal design for subway maps, but if you’re going to try to produce a quasi-geographic schematic, it must have some relation to reality.
Technically with the circuit diagram format you could dispense with all geographical features and the authorities tried that recently in London by deleting the river Thames.
I do find the regular New York subway map confusing although I accept if I were using the subway on a daily basis I would acclimatise. Another thing that makes the inclusion of the river weird is how it abruptly ends at both ends on his map (much more obvious near the airport) thats just downright laughable, the river just stops.
Nothing inherently wrong with these wrong directions in Brooklyn and Queens if all you need is a diagram. There’s a difference between putting 50th and 8th east of 50th and Broadway, and putting Coney Island at the same east-west latitude as the Battery. I also like how it groups express lines as single lines and locals as single lines, instead of grouping everything as one line (as in the MTA map) or separating each route (as in the kick map).
You just can’t take the level of distortion that far while still including bits of geography. Many of the things done screw up the legibility and legitimacy of the map (A and 1 in northern Manhattan, the north-south Brooklyn routes, especially the 2 and 5 in relation to Far Rockaway, of all places, and many other things I don’t even have to begin to mention). The information is all there, but there is something off about the color scheme and the station transfer dots.
He seems to be focused pretty narrowly on making maps he personally finds pretty, often at the expense of usability and accuracy.
Construction on the subway began in October of 1904, which makes it one of the oldest transportation systems in the world. Most public transit systems only operate certain hours of the day, but to keep up with the busy lifestyle in New York the subway, as well as the buses, run 24 hours a day. Even if the subway station isn’t right in front of your destination chances are you can find a station within walking distance of where you want to go or the bus can get you the rest of the way. The one thing you need to be aware of with the platforms is that they normally serve more than one train. To make them more accessible some stations had elevators installed in quite a few stations. Every year MTA sponsors a “Music Under New York” program that allows about 70 street musicians to compete with each other and the winners are awarded the high traffic locations.
The subway is by far the fastest and easiest method of travel in New York because it can take you just about anywhere you want to go at any time.
But not because Manhattan is too small, ita€™s because they want to put too much information that doesna€™t belong in the diagram. The only way to provide clear information is to have both an abstract system map and a geographical map as separate complementary maps. The verbal map, for example, was only implemented from one station while the neighborhood map was implemented in a few stations.
Triboroa€™s one-color map builds upon the Vignelli-style map, retainingA all of the content from todaya€™s map including the service guide, the city streets, and the various bus and ferry connections.
The Kick Map aims to resolve the 50-year debate between diagrammatic and topographic mapping, with a design that combines the best of both worlds.A Unlike the Vignelli map, where stations and lines are distorted for pure graphic harmony, the Kick Map attempts to be geographically accurate while still standardizing angles whenever possible. For this reason the design of the subway map can directly influence ridership numbers and can indirectly have an effect on New York's traffic congestion and pollution. Does Mies van der Rohe's mantra a€?Less is morea€™ hold up or does the consumer, especially in the information age, need more?
We like to talk about graphic design, branding, typography, and sometimes we might post a video or two. Jabbour has explained how he strikes the balance between geography and clarity, and his approach makes sense. I realize that KICK is a commercial firm, and I see that they are selling interactive versions of the map for use on the iPhone and similar gadgets.
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The Vignelli map, of course, remains the standard for artistic design trumping usefulness, and the KICK Map seems to meld something easy to read with something useful. Enlarging city centers to accommodate the crowd of lines and stations, and using a uniform set of colors, symbols, and labeling. For example, the Moscow design follows the form of a circle, while the Beijing design is more rectangular. It cannot be so divorced from the city layout to be useless as a map and as a navigation tool. This led to an outcry as people find this feature (although heavily stylised) very helpful.
The Vignelli map is better but in some ways although beautiful it is a little too busy to my eyes. However, it seems that in the great map debate, Salomon has been resigned to the heap of history.
The 1 and the 6 are in a pale color and look like they are lesser lines than the 2,3,4, and 5 or are not running or abandoned. I feel like I’d have to squint to see those words on a map (especially in a more dimly-lit subway car like an R44), compared with Standard Medium or Helvetica.
It is also one of the most extensive subway systems in the world because of how much area it covers. Even though the subway runs 24 hours a day, not all stations are going to be accessible 24 hours a day. With the MetroCard, you can purchase a card for the basic fare, which is currently $2.25 per ride. The one thing you need to be aware of is that some trains offer you local service, which means they will stop at every station. When using the platforms you will want to make sure you look at the signs hanging over the tracks to find out which train is stopping where, but you will also want to look at the approaching train to see which one it is.
Other important stations have been marked by the MTA as needing to conform with the ADA once they start undergoing major renovations.
Currently over 100 groups and soloists perform in the “Music Under New York” program in the subways giving over 150 performances each week.
Taxicabs are also quite popular in New York, but the subway is a cheaper and faster option. Ita€™s been over 30 years since the Italian designera€™s New York subway map was axed, but ita€™s still a passionate issue. We decided to deemphasize the subway lines, making them so light that they almost disappear. In short, a better-designed subway map will make our subway system more open and accessible. On the other hand, ita€™s 2010 and with technology like Google Maps and mobile apps (includingA someA which even tells us which subway car to get on) perhaps the printed subway map is a thing of the past? Grab our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter where we post the extra bits that don't make it here. Plus I like the indication of where you can't transfer to the other direction, something the current map lacks. Knowing that for anyone who is like 98% in the American public, you’ll rush at the chance to consolidate card debt and transfer balances for 0 interest rate credit cards. You also have take into consideration whether you should purchase a digital video camera extended warranty. If mesothelioma is a rogue viral infection, therefore there is the probability of developing a vaccine and also offering vaccination to asbestos uncovered people who are vulnerable to high risk associated with developing long term asbestos connected malignancies.
The lenders will certainly base that decision on the few factors but the biggest will be your credit worthiness. He also kept all the lines vertical, horizontal, or 45 degrees inclined, and limited most of them to no more than five bends on their entire lengths.
There he has retained the stylised river Thames as per the London Underground map but then placed most of the branches of Docklands Light Railway (DLR) south of the river when in fact with one exception they are located north of the river. The geographic inaccuracies are a problem if you need geography to use the system (as most new yorkers do) but not if you are just trying to understand which routes serve which stops (which it does excellently).
How to tell if the station is open 24 hours a day is to look for the green globe at the station entrance, if it has a red globe that means it is only open during certain hours.
You can also purchase unlimited ride MetroCards, which are available for 1, 7, 14, and 30 days for different prices. Other trains only offer express service, which means they have limited stations to stop at to get people to their destination faster. There are also different platform configurations depending on how many tracks are coming into the station, which the platform configuration dictates where the trains will stop at a particular station.
What about, for instance, the fact that the Vignelli map represented Central Park as a square, when in fact it is three times as long as it is wide?
The back of the map which used to show each subway line in a Vignelli-like manner as route strips now has a commuter map of the New York metropolitan region.
The stops then come to the foreground and viewers can connect the dots (so to speak) with their eyes, tracing and revealing individual subway lines.
But wouldn't making a static version of the full map freely available, while he is trying to build support for his map at the MTA (and with the public), help rather than hurt him? There are some lenders that will additionally look at your job history and determine based on that but in almost all cases it will hinge on your rating. Citi Field is further north than Yankee Stadium on that map all of Brooklyn is bent to who knows where.
However I think if you accept that a circuit diagram map is to be created you have to accept that any retained geographical features such as rivers, coastlines or items such as Central Park may have to be changed from their correct geographical form to fit in.
Schematics are only interested in the relationship between the lines and this map does a good job of that.
If the red globe is lit that means that the station is closed, but if it is dark that means that the station is most likely open. Up to three children who are less than 44 inches tall may ride the subway free with a paying adult. For example, a 2-track line can have a platform that is in the center of the tracks or it can have 2 side platforms. However, anybody can perform on the subway platforms and mezzanines as long as they follow the rules set forth by the MTA’s policies. If you're underground, of course, it doesn't matter: there simply aren't as many stops along Central Park as there are in midtown, so it requires less map space. The emphasis now is on the entire MTA (which is much more than the subway),a€? explains Shaw. I wouldn't say that our one-color map is easy to use but we think it is surprisingly functional. I Dont even know what is going on with the Rockaways Apparently Jamaica Bay vanished and Far Rockaway is just a few stops down the line from Rockaway Park. For example the river Thames on the London Tube map does not resemble the shape of the river in actuality but it is a device which helps orientation similar to the arrow pointing north which appears on many maps. That said, I think there could be some improvements in the layout of the north and south shores of Queens, specifically around the airports and their connections. But what if, for whatever reason, you wanted to get out at 59th Street and take a walk on a crisp fall evening? And it completely understates the sheer distance between the various subway lines in Queens and Brooklyn.
Imagine your surprise when you found yourself hiking for hours on a route that looked like it would take minutes on Vignelli's map. All in all, for something that tries to simplify, it makes it more complex and makes no sense at all.

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