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We also have ramps for sale which work great for loading and unloading your storage trailer!
Founded in 1961, Challenger Freightways has been proudly serving the motor freight needs of companies in Connecticut. We have always strived to operate efficiently in order to conserve fuel and lower emissions. Challenger Freightways will offer free storage trailer delivery and pickup with a minimum 3 month rental.

You can have over 4000 square feet of storage space brought to your location and set up for a number of uses; dock space, mobile tool units, or immediate space needed in the warehouse. Since that time we have continued to add to our service areas and now include direct service to MA. It means a commitment to adjust routing in real time in order to make the most efficient route possible while at the same time picking up and delivering freight on time. Use Doc's trailers for storage to keep your cargo safe and out of the way and eliminate the need to pay for multiple loading and unloading.

Each unit goes through a Quality Assurance Inspection so you can have the Peace of Mind the material on the trailer is secure. Through our transportation partners we can now offer freight transportation services throughout the country and the world.

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