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When you need a quick and cost-effective solution to your storage demands, renting additional warehouse space is not always the best option. Cost-Effective Storage Trailer Rentals The fast and cost-effective solution for your storage demands. Dry and Secure Our storage trailer rentals provide your products with a dry and secure environment, giving you peace of mind. Throwing your products into a shoddily constructed plastic box outdoors is not particularly secure, and provides no guarantee the space won’t have leaks or wind flooded after a storm. From 2030 cubic feet on 28' trailers to 3509 cubic feet on 48' trailers, we can provide you with the ideal storage trailer rental.

Delivery & Pick-Up When you need storage space fast, H&P Leasing can get it to you faster. You won’t see much flex from our steel storage containers and trailers, but our leasing terms are flexible for every customer. Shuttling between job sites, the office, and your warehouse is not always practical either.
Our storage trailers are dry, secure, and raised off the ground so you don’t have to worry about a flooded storage space full of ruined products.
Our 48ft trailers can be delivered to your site and backed up directly to your loading dock.

They can also be placed out in the open should you need to transfer product from one trailer to another.

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