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Now we took a few handfuls of brown flock and grey flock and scattered them across the still wet board to give it a bit of color change.
So, I'm just starting to get into Static grass and I'm curious is there a preference for brand on this product? As for Scenic Express, they have the best selection of static grass brands, colors and lengths, that I have ever found.  And they are great to deal with!

1: prefer to have multiple sources and my understanding is that that is the case, in the US with Silflor. I am very happy with this tool and recommend it as a cheap way to handle your static grass application.  Too bad it is so darn hard to find, at least in the states. I was really hoping that this would work out as a cheapo substitute for an electrostatic static grass device but it didn’t turn out to be.

WS is the only product that is pretty much always going to be available at the hobby shop and if they don't have the static grass, then they can order it free shipping.

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