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Currently, most coal from Mongolian mines is transported to the Chinese border by trucks on paved roads. In an interview with Bloomberg, Dale Choi,A founder of Ulaanbaatar-based Independent Mongolian Metals and Mining Research, suggested that Mongolia's decision to stick with the broad gauge was related to issues of national security. Mongolia was under Chinese rule from 1691 to 1911 and the two countries share a large border. In April,A it was announced that a separate railway linking Mongolia to China would be built using China's smaller rail gauge, according to Reuters. This minor detail represents a huge technical barrier between the two countries, since each train crossing the border is forced to make long stops to change the wheels.
Meanwhile, the Mongolian Ministry of Roads and Transportation and JSC Russian Railways agreed in September to extend the main trans-Mongolian railway to increase trade between Russia and China.
LITHUANIA: National railway LG has signed contracts for the standard gauge line from Poland to the current break-of-gauge at Sestokai to be extended as far as Marijampole.
This forms an initial stage of the Rail Baltica project to provide a standard gauge route linking Poland and the wider EU rail network with Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
LG has awarded a consortium of Kauno Tiltai and Mitnija a 217m litas contract to build 27·5 km of new standard gauge line between Sestokai and Marijampole and rebuild the existing 28 km broad gauge line.
Under a separate 75m litas contract the same consortium is to rebuild Marijampole station to handle 1 435 mm gauge as well as 1 520 mm gauge traffic.
LG has awarded Kelprojektas a 0·3m litas contract to oversee the work, which is being co-financed by the EU under the TEN-T programme.
Nordic Investment Bank is providing a €114m 19-year loan to fund the standard gauge line and modernisation of the Minsk - Vilnius - Klaipeda and Kaunas - Kaliningrad corridors. The standard gauge railway line allows for increased capacity for more goods and passengers.
Sources privy to the project told The EastAfrican that the three governments of Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda ignored an earlier study that had proposed the migration from the current metre gauge to the standard gauge railway line through the addition of an extra track on the current line.The study suggested that the objective of migrating to standard gauge railway line could be achieved at 30 per cent of the cost of a greenfield investment a€” if existing rail infrastructure were exploited. Even as the region looks forward to the groundbreaking of the $11 billion Mombasa-Kampala-Kigali railway in November, it is emerging that East African governments shelved alternatives that would have slashed the estimated project cost by as much as 70 per cent.

This would allow both standard gauge railway line and the metre gauge line to use the existing infrastructure. The study commissioned three years ago by the partner states a€” to examine options for development of a standard gauge railway a€” and a presentation last September to a forum by Kenyaa€™s Transport and Infrastructure Permanent Secretary Nduva Muli suggested that the objective of migrating to standard gauge railway line could be achieved at 30 per cent of the cost of a greenfield investment a€” if existing rail infrastructure were exploited.
Mr Muli, who until his recent appointment to the Transport Ministry was chief executive officer of Kenya Railways Corporation, argued that a third rail could be added to the existing metre gauge. Besides allowing for the simultaneous operation of both metre and standard gauge trains, project costs would be considerably lower because the existing way leaves would be used.
The EAC study commissioned in 2009 said that the region could benefit from improved speeds and larger cargo volumes for the next 20 years by refurbishing the metre gauge and improving efficiency within the existing infrastructure. ButA Mr Muli said last week that the decision to improve the current railway track was shelved after a further study showed it would be cheaper in the long run to start a greenfield standard gauge track. Mr Muli said the Kenya-Uganda railway does not perform because it is narrower than the standard gauge, at 1,000mm against standard gaugea€™s 1,435. However, it was built 100 years ago and during construction the gradient of ascent from Mombasa to Nairobi was high at two per cent against the ideal gradient of a maximum one per cent. It was also considered that a diesel locomotive running on metre gauge costs $3 million while a locomotive that runs on standard gauge costs $1 million. Another issue that influenced the decision not to upgrade the current line is that there was a shortage of technology when it was built and therefore those constructing it did not know the best way to deal with obstacles like hills, rivers, and valleys. Tags: 1925-1932, car, gauge, lionel, Lionel Observation Train Car 1925-1932 - Standard Gauge, Observation, Standard, train. Lionel Observation Train Car 1925-1932 – Standard Gauge in good condition for its age. Wen Gang, President Assistant of China Communications Construction Co Ltd, said in Nairobi that his company will impart skills and transfer technology to the locals so as to help the country in the manufacture of components for the SGR project locally. At the peak of the project over 30,000 locals would have been employed directly while 40 percent of the work would be sub-contracted to the local companies, he said.
Speaking during the meeting, President Kenyatta welcomed the company's pledge to partner with local companies to boost the steel manufacturing industry in the country.

Passenger trains will have a speed of 120 kilometers per hour while those for freight will be designed to move at 80 kilometers an hour. It will take passengers four hours and 30 minutes to travel from the country's coastal city of Mombasa to the capital Nairobi while freight will take eight hours. The extension to Russia in the north is highlighted in blue in blue and the rail to China in the south is in yellow.
This will require the construction of 7 km of standard gauge and 7·9 km of broad gauge tracks. TEN-T funding has also been allocated for upgrading LG's existing broad gauge line between Siauliai and the Latvian border.
Further savings would be realised from using the same foundation and alignment of the existing metre gauge. This is why 85 per cent of all railways in the world use the standard gauge system,a€? saidA Mr Muli. So, even if we put a standard gauge on the same alignment, with the same gradient, we shall still be limited on load. He lauded the support of the private sector in developing its infrastructure, noting that his government attached great importance to the improvement of infrastructure in its effort to grow the economy. China uses the slightly smaller 1,435 millimeter standard gauge, 85 millimeters narrower than the rail gauge used in Mongolia. He also praised the Chinese company for working with county governments in implementing the railway.

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