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Lionel 408E standard gauge train set with electric engine, four compartmented coaches and original boxes, sold via the Internet for $35,395.82. Sign Up for our FREE Latest News EmailSign up below to subscribe to our Latest News email powered by Google Feedburner. Railways in India traverse the length and breadth of the country, with about 7000 stations and total route length of over 63,000 km. Upon Independence in 1947, forty two separate railway systems in India were amalgamated into a single unit christened the Indian Railways.

The oldest underground railway network in India is the Kolkata Metro, commissioned in 1984. The Konkan Railway runs along the Konkan coast of India, between Mangalore in Karnataka and Mumbai in Maharashtra. The Kashmir Railway has the highest railway bridge in India: 77m over the Tawi river in the Jammu-Udhampur section. The Fairy Queen, built in 1855, is the world’s oldest steam engine still in active use.

The Himsagar Express, between Kanyakumari and Jammu Tawi, has the longest run in terms of distance and time in the Indian Railways.

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