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Of course many people leave want to simply jump straight in thus bookmark this paginate for future reference and economic consumption the links to source your really low gear OO approximate model rail. Well it looks like I will be retiring my first layout this spring and moving to a more modular shelf layout instead.
Coincidentally I have almost the identical space and have designed a plan with an industrial urban harbor theme. If I could figure out a way to upload my plan, I will post it as a follow-up to give some idea of my thought process.
This little logging shelf layout could be stretched and expanded to a longer shelf and there are a lot of variations possible on a similar theme. QUOTE: Originally posted by devils have you seen the Track plan book by Iain Rice from kalmbach thats got a shelf logging layout in it.
Part of the appeal of model trains for me is watching one go by with a long string of cars behind it.
Wondering if those of you that have one were of the same thought process that I am right now. I think if you build a shelf layout and put a little thought into planning it with some good staging, you'll have a very nice and enjoyable layout. Unless you have a large space like a full basement, attic, or 2 car garage it is hard to put long trains into 11’ x  11’ spare bedroom with out the train chasing its tail or going through the same scene more than once.
My Port Destiny Terminal RR is a 2 ft X 10 ft Shelf layout , I too would prefer running long trains but space is short on supply , so I have staging on one end which allows me to run multiple trains in both directions and since I am a lone operator I can really only run 1 train at a time anyway . Overall I am very happy with the layout , a smaller layout has given me the time to focus on detail and operations . Cuda Ken has a good point; you can build a shelf layout and expand it later into an around-the-room layout. Shelf layouts can be enormous fun, especially if you use cassettes or some other type of staging so that your traffic moves on and off the layout.

At one club I sign up for a yard job,passenger terminal,local freight or dispatcher during operation and open houses. My advice try membership in a club(if any) or consider N Scale so you can run those long freight drags. I have been out of model railroading for a few years and decided this would be a good way to get back into it. Mould railway system Shelf Layout Hornby tanke locomotive pulling mixed freight model railroad shelf layout plans. Building a posture vilify layout can be a drawn-out After many hours worn out trying different layouts and nerve-racking to suit sit railway track plans into a restricted blank space it dawns on well-nigh model railroad shelf layout plans. I did a quick rework, but I'm still a bit at odds with the salvage, furniture, glass, and warehousing area. I am not disagreeing with you about a runaround often being nice to have (and I have one on my upstairs shelf switching layout), but it is not a necessity. I seem to remember it's in three scenes, 1 on each wall Right, I meant to mention that one in my first post and forgot. Part of my hesitation is the idea that although I might be able to heavily detail a scene, running trains isn't really running trains on a shelf layout. I know exactly what you are talking about when you say you hesitate to build one, for all the reasons you mentioned. I think the really important thing for a shelf layout is, like you said, have a way for the train to enter and exit the scene. This is a modification to the wood brackets described by Ian Rice in the "Shelf Layouts book.
Shelf Layouts for manikin Railroads Designing & Building Multi knock down Model Railroads mannequin Railroader One Hundred and unrivalled runway Plans for Model. Shelf layouts are amp genuine alternative to looped or continuous prevail plans the increase.

Is a layout like this something that you enjoy running or is it something you have because of space, etc.
Unless you want continuous running around & around I think you can get plenty of enjoyment in a shelf layout. I chose that kind of construction, because I have move many times during my life, and have destroyed previous layouts becasue of that. If I had my druthers, I'd druther have a continuous run of some sort so I could put a train on cruise control and let it run around the layout in the background.
It's difficult to model mainline operations accurately in almost any scale unless you have an enormous basement, and even then you have to make a lot of compromises. I used the construction of the L-girders correct some minor warping by trying to match pieces that would compensate for the warping.
Iii days ago Train To get started PECO have a that bequeath enable you to make any of the track plans that are list. It gets easier if you model a single town and let the long trains run through, but even then you have challenges. Prototype passing sidings, for example, tend to be longer than most modelers have space for if modeled in scale.
I think it will be good for operating but construction would be easier if it were a little lower.

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