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I just purchased a new Athearn SD45T-2 and I haven't seen any actual photos on the internet so I thought I would post a few for your enjoyment.
I posted this on the Atlas forum, and thought it would be appropriate here, too. I just received my first SD45T-2 and I'm impressed with the level of detail and paint.
In a normal diesel locomotive, cooling air for the radiators is taken in near the top of the car body. The first SD45T-2 Tunnel Motors were delivered in February 1972, and were among the first "Dash-2" versions of EMD's muscular 20-cylinder, 3600 hp freighter. Yeah, I know--I'll have to detail the pilots myself, but that's a lot less than one had to do the old "Blue Boxes". The combination of high altitudes and numerous tunnels and snow sheds (tunnel-like sheds that protect track from snowfalls and avalanches) on its mountain divisions caused perennial breathing problems for SP locomotives and crews.
In a long tunnel, however, hot engine exhaust and heated air from the radiators collects at the top of the tunnel.

Responding to complaints of crankshaft and bearing failures on earlier SD45s, EMD had beefed up its model 645 diesel motor. It was assigned UP 4833 in September 1997 but it was retired and sold to CIT Financial as 9243 on June 15, 1999.
My hobby shop tells me they didn't do these as the very first shipment, but that my models should be in any day now. They look great.
Haven't run it yet as I'm waiting for a 9 pin decoder from Tony's. I did notice two things that need correcting. In the steam era, this led to the development of cab-forward articulateds that allowed crew members to breathe tunnel air before the locomotive had polluted it. Perhaps more important, the Dash-2 series' introduction of solid-state electronics ushered in the third generation of diesel technology. In a multiple-unit diesel lashup, the result is that trailing units may overheat and automatically shut down.

Transistors and circuit boards replaced the massive switches, contacts, interlocks, and relays of earlier diesels, making possible a range of innovations that would make life easier for diesel engineers in coming years.
In a worst-case situation, the extra load will cause the overworked lead units to fail and leave the crew stranded in the tunnel.
I would recommend to anyone who has one of these to dis-assemble the trucks and degrease the gear sets. When I get the decoder and run it awhile, I'll be back with a further report.
Electro-Motive's answer for the Southern Pacific was a modification of its SD45, with the air intakes moved lower on the engine so they could take in cooler air.
Extra-large radiators were placed on the roof of the engine, with the fans located below them to blow cooler air up from below.

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