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This white, non-toxic, cellulose-based compound combines the best features of clay, plaster, and papier maché.
Sculptamold is furnished as a dry powder, and can be prepared easily within minutes by adding water.
Note — Any combination of clay, plaster, sand, and molding material totaling 50 lbs or more does not qualify for our free shipping offer.

This molding product is extremely easy to mix and use, and it sticks to darn near everything. After trying another product which did not adhere to wood or styrofoam, I tried this on my layout.
Sculptamold is not waterproof, but a finished piece can be made water resistant with clear lacquer, varnish, or gloss acrylic. Mix only an amount that can be used in less than 30 minutes, and clean the mixing container before preparing a new batch, because hardened material acts as a catalyst, speeding the hardening of a new batch.

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