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A print from Illuminate by Flora Bowley for Red Rooster Fabrics features medium-scale circles. A print from Attic Treasures by Gerri Robinson for Red Rooster Fabrics features small-scale circles.
The small-scale flowers in this print from Red Rooster are spread apart with plenty of space in between them.
You can see that just by replacing one set of patches with a fabric in a larger scale, the block improves quite a bit. But I’m pretty sure I can make it even better, so I change out another set of patches. I had another green I wanted to try, so I did, but the scale was too similar to the center patch, so I reverted to my first keeper.
The point is that when you think about the scale of your fabrics, you must consider it in light of whatever you’re making and how large or small the patches are. This entry was posted in Quilting 101, Scrapbag and tagged fabric, how-tos, quilting 101, scale, understanding series. Email UpdatesSign up to receive quilting news, discounts and special offers via email from Quiltmaker.
After having lunch with Meg, Fit Bitch, I started to mull over my relationship with the scale.
She also suggested I switch my fruit eatin’ to evenings rather than mornings to stop that good old natural sugar from triggering insulin.
Hey Lori, I noticed HUGE changes when I switched from oatmeal in the mornings to eggs & avocado.
Gotta love it when someone tells you to eat more ?? my trainer had advised me to eat one more serving of starch per day (ie: sweet potato, quinoa, etc).
I was with you about the breaking up with the scale – I have had a very dysfunctional relationship with mine for several year. It is maintained by Sheldon McKay, a scientist at the DNA Learning center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. This software is open-source and free to all, so please feel free to incorporate it into your own web site but it would be very naughty of you to remove the copyright notice from the top of the balloon.js file.
Note: If you have installed this package on your web server as described below and it does not work, you have likely made an error.
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A total of five images are required to draw balloons in all possible orientations: The balloon body and four stems (up, down, left and right).
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I’ve had more than my fair share of emotional breakdowns thanks to the number on the scale. An eating disorder may sound like an extreme — a not-so-likely consequence of being attentive to the number on the scale.
For the next 10 years, I felt like less of a person because I weighed more than I wanted to. I bought a 4 week package of personal training sessions that summer mostly because I wanted to exercise as much as possible, and, with it being so hot here in Phoenix, I needed some other things I could do in the air-conditioned gym besides run on the treadmill. It’s been about a year since I first picked up the weights, and about 6 months since I cut way back on my running.
Finally, by shifting your fitness focus towards strength and building muscle and away from the number on the scale, you are going to find that you are not only going to get a better looking body, but also a better working body. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Some fabrics have the motifs packed tightly together, while others seem to breathe freely by having lots of open (also called negative) space between them. It need not be fancy but it should hold fabrics without pinning and be on a vertical surface.

What seems like a medium-scale print in one design will read as large-scale in a different design.
Aw well, I still think it’s a cool idea and congratulations to the folks who met their goals. PS get a city rec card its the cheapest way to get in the pool and re loadable with no long term contract.
The stem height, the stem overlap and the padding and shadow widths must be accurate to a precision of 1px or the balloon will not render properly.
I felt like I had less self control and was less beautiful and less worthy of love and happiness than when I was thinner.
I had my husband take that picture because I so desperately wanted to lose weight that it seemed worth the humiliation of asking him to take it if having that picture would motivate me.
You can make a drastic change to your appearance without having a drastic change on the scale. A body that gets you through the day feeling strong and capable … not weak and exhausted. Whether I'm crossing the finish line of a marathon or working on improving my chin-up PR, I love to workout in a way that makes me feel like an ATHLETE. Honestly I had a really hard time letting go of the chronic cardio so I totally understand. I believe in and practice an active, healthy lifestyle that includes strong workouts, proper rest and recovery, clean eating and FUN! I use a design wall and I audition the fabrics, playing and changing things up until I’m happy.
Then I spent four years as QM's Interactive Editor, working to generate much of our online content. I tracked calories, fat grams, pounds, jean sizes and weekly- miles-run religiously for years.
How many times did I look in the mirror, turn sideways, and take account of the size of my butt and my stomach and silently wish I could both look good in a bikini and NOT have to resort to eating disorder behaviors to get there. Throughout all of this, my body weight fluctuated down some, but never to the degree that it did in college.
Little did I know, that those 4 weeks were just the beginning of an exciting new turn in my fitness journey. And contrary to old- school bodybuilding beliefs, the human body can burn fat and build muscle at the same time. I’ve been a runner for more than 10 years, but more recently I’ve been excited to get into strength training. Notice that I didn’t really change any of the colors, I only changed the scale of the fabrics. At a certain point I can tell you that those numbers completely defined me and controlled me. I work with women of all ages to help them realize their fitness goals, and I love what I do! I believe fitness should first be about health (both mental and physical), and health comes in many shapes and sizes. I still love writing about quilt-related topics for Quilty Pleasures, and I always have my finger on the pulse of the quilting world. I did not know who I was if I was not a runner who ran X number of miles a week, weighed X pounds, ate X calories a day, wore X size jeans. The lighting may be a little different, but I tell you the truth, my weight barely changed at all between those two shots. And tap into that support system and tell them what you’re doing so they can help encourage you when you start to second guess yourself. I hope to bring to the table a sense of excellence mixed with fun, correctness with humility (that I don’t know EVERYTHING!), and the perspective of a woman who has been around the Burpee block at least a coupla dozen times!
Eventually, in my junior year of college, those defining numbers morphed into one single, defining word: anorexic. I was smart enough to know that I didn’t want the eating disorder back, so I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that, when it came to my body, I was just going to have to accept it the way it was.

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